These were a huge hit with the family last night. It's my rendition of the popular T.G.I.Friday's appetizer. This recipe makes approximately 35 eggrolls. You can easily adapt for larger or smaller batches. Enjoy!

2 packs of eggroll wrappers (I use the 21ct. package of Nasoya brand, as it doesn't contain a ton of artificial stuff)
2 15oz. cans of corn kernels
2 15oz. cans of black beans
24oz of boneless skinless chicken breast, boiled and chunked. You can use prepared, canned chunk chicken for this recipe.
Spices of your choosing (I used a prepared all natural taco seasoning)
Enough vegetable oil to submerge your eggrolls

4oz. grated cheese (we use extra sharp cheddar)
Sour cream
Taco sauce

Drain corn and black beans and dump into a pot. Heat through and then add prepared chicken. Stir in spices to taste. Heat oil in fryer (sorry, I don't have an actual deep fryer, so you may have to experiment with oil temperatures. We simply used medium-high heat on a gas range) and begin preparing eggrolls according to package instructions. Have a small dish of water handy for sealing the wrappers. Place approximately 1tbsp and a half in the center of each wrapper and fold using the folding instructions on the package. Seal well and drop into oil. When they float to the surface, use tongs to flip over and fry until the wrapper is golden brown and crispy. Set on a cooling rack or plate that is covered with a cloth or paper towel to drain the grease. If you want to serve with cheese, sprinkle a small amount of the grated cheese on top of each eggroll immediately after it is removed from the fryer. Serve with taco sauce and sour cream. My brother-in-law said they're also good with Ranch dressing.

Add diced green chili peppers to the mix
Add sliced jalapenos to the mix
Instead of chicken, use steak finely sliced, fajita style

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