My book is finally here everyone! Its a major revision from my old book A Grimoire of Tarot magick. This has way more juice through my experiences practicing Magick for 25 years. With this knowledge I have manifested many trips around the world from Mexico, South America, Thailand, Egypt, Dubai, Europe and now running a Yacht business on a Caribbean Island. Learn from someone who has actually made their dreams come true not from someone who talks about it. ;) My flavor is very ecclectic with more freedom and flexibility to practice magick however you see fit. 
Within you is a powerful Magickian that can change your reality through your thoughts, words, and emotions. You can create whatever it is you wish. Sovereign Magick, author Druanna Johnston shows you how by providing information to help you unlock your hidden potential. She shares her life experiences as a practicing magickian, psychic empath, and healer. Druanna gives insight into using tools such as the tarot to foretell your future, and do spell work, the power of scrying to enhance your clairvoyant abilities, and communicate with your guides, learn the mystical significance of numerology to predict your destiny, use the power of sound and what foods to avoid to raise your vibrational frequency, enhance your psychic ability, create your own talismans to obtain anything you desire, amulets to ward off dark forces and illnesses, create powerful sigils of your own. Included is a correspondence list for each tarot card to guide you. Create High Magickal rituals to empower your life.

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