So, I'm really interested in hearing what other did yesterday for the full moon, the Storm Moon. Quite accidentally, and without planning, I set out ferns to gather the humidity that is coming... repotted seedlings whose first efforts had produced little... potted together geraniums and marigolds for their metaphysical properties (what an inspiration and delight they are together, red and yellow, fire and fellow!) The cold and wind chilled my hands and feet, as the clouds were pushed apace across the eastern sky. It was good Storm Moon weather.

By the by, I'd been looking for gnomes and faeries to place in my garden as a signal to the good people that they are welcome there, but didn't find anything suitable. If anyone has any ideas about suitable replacements, please let me know.

So tell me how you celebrated the Storm Moon!

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Comment by K Crow on March 30, 2013 at 6:37pm

Thanks so much for sharing! Joyful crafting is the best crafting, K Adams! Thanks for reading and commenting, Fen! Blessed be!


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