OK, well I don't normally write in a journal, or have such important things to say that I feel everybody needs to read...But a few things came to mind today on my day off and I thought I would put it all down in my Pagan space blog.

Burger King's BK Mocha Joe is by far the best drive thru iced coffee. I just wish it came in a bigger cup like McDonald's iced coffee cups. I am drinking a Mocha Joe now, and I think its more awesome in the morning, something is missing in the afternoon batch. Some mornings before I go to work and I don't have much money I will search the house for change and look all over my car to get enough coins to add up to the $1.99 I need to order my fix. It not only tastes really good, but keeps a certain body function regular......Seriously.

So go and try one!

Oh, now on a different topic. I play WOW "World of Warcraft", and I finally got my main charter to a level 70! I have to get her to an 80 which is the highest level now. Her name is Befana which is Italian for "good witch" she is a Draenei, Hunter - Leather Worker and Skinner. She has a beautiful white wolf named Luna, and is on the Thorium Brotherhood server. I don't play to much, But I have been hanging out in Northrend lately, and if you happen to play and see me please say hello!

Time to go...



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