My love for the Tarot is rooted way back in my childhood. I love it for so many different reasons. I love the artwork, the story of the human's emotional journey through life, the variety of insights from various types of decks, and that the Universe never ceases to use it as a tool to communicate with me. 

Now I know it is not for everyone, because the Universe uses what we resonate with to communicate with us. I am just sharing one of the ways the Universe talks with me. 

I talked about how each Tarot deck, no matter which one, has a story of the evolution of the human soul, and journey. Each deck highlights certain parts of that evolution. Then the intuition of each reader is added to that story to give a more personalized and deeper meaning. This intuition is fueled by the source inside of the readers, that is connected to the Universal knowledge. Then, beyond the story, and the intuition of the reader, is the situational awareness of the recipient. This combination is a perfect recipe for an insightful message. 

I am presently collecting Tarot decks of all sorts. It is like reading into the intuition from all of the authors and artists who made them. I also research and study how so many have interpreted each deck. I also see all of them as beautiful works of art. Art is a universal way, similar to numbers, to express the human experience. 

I use the Tarot for daily insights for decisions, confirmations, or just to see what the Universe is thinking. I feel love and gratitude with any form of communication that the Universe uses as it confirms my connection to it. I also use the Tarot to help others gain more insight to their journeys as well. 

If Tarot fascinates you, I challenge you to look into the history, and in how they are used today. Also look into as many different types of decks as you can. And don't just look at one interpretation of the cards, but into many. Combine the meanings and messages with other ways the Universe talks to you, like tools of divination or religions and faiths. Look for the consistent bigger message you are receiving. 

If Tarot isn't your thing, then don't stop there to find your connection to the Universe, keep searching.

Love Your Journey of Creation and Connection

Blessed Be

Love Kristi V

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Comment by Beth Sapsford on March 22, 2019 at 3:25pm

I love Tarot too.  Been collecting sets since the 1980's.  My late Mother-In-Law was the inspiration, she bought me the hanson roberts deck as a starter.  My late Hubby got me the Marseille, The Alchemic, Ciro Marchettis the gilded, and I got myself Bucklands Romany ones which I love.

Don't read often, but when I do I usually find it mostly accurate.


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