I've been in this spiritual movement for almost thirty years and something that still drives me up a wall is the lack of cooperation and networking.
Years ago I was a commercial fund raiser. I had a very large data base of investors and venture capitalists and my main focus was helping start up new age companies raise operating capital.
One of the most common reasons we discovered that these small start up companies could not raise money and get funding was their reluctance to network and become involved in cooperative type enterprises.
Almost all of the start ups that came to us for funding all had these grandiose visions about what they wanted to create without very much planning or thought. They all thought because they were reiki masters or palm readers or herbalists or tarot readers (and the list goes on and on) that they could build and open a center for healing (or whatever).
Once they actually put together a business plan they soon found that investors had very little interest in their dreams of going it alone.
We had quite a large number of new age entrepreneaurs that could not get funding on their projects. The main reason for this was their dreams were larger than their assets. Little or no assets, no funding.
What we knew was that if we could bring a group of these small entrepreneaurs together in a co-op we could have gotten them funded. We proposed to all of these folks that couldn't get funded to join together as small teams, and work together and we could fund these centers that they all dreamed of.
Folks, it's called networking. All of them working together for a common goal.
We had people that wanted to open metaphysical and occult book stores, people that wanted to open herb shops, people that wanted to open massage clinics, reiki centers, tarot readers but they refused to come together and work for their greater goal. They all wanted to be in charge of their own complex.
What was really wierd was that many of their business plans included all of these types of services. What they refused to see was that in a co-op they would have been part of all they wanted to be.
I was astounded, and so were the investors. 
All of these dreamers wanted to be top dog or nothing at all.
We watched in amazement as all of these dreamers would go off and work menial little jobs, working in most instances for barely above minimum wage.
They all had very big dreams but they all lacked vision (which is why they couldn't raise capital).
My point is, after all these years, nothing has changed. It's still me, me, me, me.
Just in the last month, I have seen emails from a number of our spiritually based social networks informing it's members to either become active or they are closing down forever.
Over the past year, I've seen a number of these sites shut down.
I belong to a number of these networks. Some of them with a few hundred members, some with a few thousand members and some with several thousand members and most of them asking for our participation and support (not financial support I might add).
Isn't it time for us to all come together as a spiritual community and support each other, in whatever way we can?
In these times of such rapid change, isn't it time for to shed the notion of me, me, me, me, and actually be what we all profess to believe, that we are one.
Oneness! Oneness! Oneness! This is us, this is you, this is me.
If not now, when?
Let us all take a moment for all of the network creators and network administrators and all the volunteers that work so hard and, keep these places so wonderful, and send them much love. 
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We love you!
Peace and love to all my brothers and sisters,Akasha Shabba Khaan

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