It is weird that I watch the 700 Club sometimes? I watch it like I'm 'scoping out' my competition if that makes any sense. I guess I kind of like to prepare myself for the next crazy crap that may sneak up on me in public.

Tonight they are talking about the signs of the antichrist.... I find it interesting their interpretations of different versus in the bible.


On a different note: St Louis Pagan Pride has gotten a facebook page up, a website and we are hashing out many ideas. Its so exciting!


Good luck to those on the Coast, may Irene be as gentle as can be while still making her point.

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Comment by Liz Morris on August 29, 2011 at 9:48am

This reminds me of an incident my mom told me about in the early 80's - she had been channel surfing and ran across a show that poked fun at televangelists (which for the most part she finds highly annoying!)  She was happily watching it for about 20 or 30 minutes, enjoying the satire and over the top acting, when it suddenly dawned on her that these guys were serious!  She had stumbled across The PTL Club with Jim and Tammy Fae Bakker.


On a different note: Congrats on the facebook page and website!


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