Heilsa All,

Last weekend, I helped my kinswoman move out from her home. It was a quite a mixed feeling occasion. It was a fantasticly excellent idea for her to get out and move with the change doing a lot of good for her. But this was a place that has seen many Blots and offerings given over the almost ten years there. The Landwights have been very, very good to Raven Kindred North.

A final thanking those helpful wights and inviting them into her new place. There were laughs, tears and stories. Life occured in all it's glory and our words were a fitting tribute and framework for those deeds.

A chapter closed on RKN but a new one opens. And not just for my kinswoman...

An opportunity has come up for a home that the wife and I are seriously looking at in Maine. I'm not going to say more for fear of jinxing it. But if it could be done, it would be Awesome to live next door to my kinsman.

We shall see.

Wes Thu Hal

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Comment by Fantumofthewinds on October 9, 2009 at 8:15am
i wish you well but Maine OHH cold !!! lol hard liveing their and if you love snow bunnies lol Good luck


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