This is the Eve of the night I wait on all year. Its the only spare time I have found to sit and type to you for a long while. I'm sure things will calm down after Nov 1st but I can't be 100% certain of that. The Haunted Asylum has been doing ok, but not wonderful. Anything we are able to send these sick kids is great but to me its just not worth our time unless we bring them a nice chunk of change. We kicked it up a notch but it has not come without its fare share of drama for several directions. Note that tonight and tomorrow night are our last nights open this year and they are my fav nights to work at home. So its hard on me not being here, not lighting all my candles, not blessing everything like normal. Tonight I will make it home close to midnight. I'll be tired, probably have no voice...LOL...that comes with the job of haunted house hostess. I will put my need bags into play tonight, I have not missed a year making them in several. By the time I get my shower and PJ's on, it will be after midnight and time to put them together. I make them on October 31st-Nov 1st every year. They are good for ONE YEAR, they work because I make them with love. This year for several reasons my number has gone down to making only five. I will always make an uneven number, its just my own personal rule. Yesterday I carved my big orange pumpkin, last night I had a candle in it and this morning it is lit as well. At the moment its still pitch black outside, so I'll keep it going until day break. I'll bake some pumpkin cupcakes to take to the haunted house crew tonight for a snack at break time. In our down time we will sit and make treat bags for the trick or treaters tomorrow night. We were lucky enough to have 80 pounds of candy donated by a local business in town. We wont use it all but it will keep 4 weeks until the Christmas parade. At that time H.A.U.N.T. comes into play once again and we show the town what we look like outside of costumes. I'm not sure which is the most scarey, but we try not to scare the tiny kids...much. We have managed to scare up enough money for one Christmas family. One has already gotten in touch with us and they have three kids at home. The situation is pretty sad, so we will do our best to deliver a bag of clothing/gifts on Christmas eve. It all depends on what we make this weekend...if we will be able to take them a full Christmas meal or not. I know we are just a small time haunted house in a rinkie dink town in Kentucky but we have heart and soul when it comes to helping children in need. Halloween night we do a canned food drive for the local mission food bank. If you bring two can foods you get $2. off admission into the haunted house. So please keep us in your prayers tonight & tomorrow night...we need all the help we can get!


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