The Male Growing stronger in me and influence

So some "spirit" has been trying to get between me and my incubus for like a year and now I have been adding up in my life- I am going for my Masters in Healthcare Administration in Houston and stuff- So get this - The spirit has been coming on to me telling me he is "God" or my "conscience" and since I was brought up strict Christian I should know better than to bet on a male spirit to firmly bond with me because " they always leave and act up and they cant be trained and stuff. Obviously he doesn't understand my commitment- I am a Satanic Priestess forever and I have been surrounded by spirits for years" Obviously they are aligning themselves to please me so they can leave with me and move up with them in Life. Also there is one CONSTANTLY trying to pretend its my dead aunt cathy - I have never really know my aunt and she died like 5 years ago, sometimes when I walk around town [' This 'Spirit" keeps tyring to like to do ODD things, evidently my aunt and her kids are kind of dorks? I mean I didn't grow up with them My mom me and my brother moved out of their area when I was in kindergarten so I wasn't brought up with them, a lot of the reason is that my family was visited by some aliens _ I was abducted several times-  and they told us to leave and go out to the area I grew up in. I didn't realize it at the time, because we lived in nice area and we were well taken care iof and then we moved to the country and I lived in a house with no running water and stuff but there were beings in the woods there and they lived with me as I grew up , our whole family had spirits in and out of our life for most of my life. But make no mistake sometime is is a real Spiritual Battle because there really is evil in some of the beings I frequent , to me you can tell by how greedy they are. And also no matter what resources they have they are relentless fascinated with strangers. But I will keep my readers in with whats going on.!

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Comment by Consuelo Figueroa on February 15, 2019 at 1:54pm

From your other post you said, that you're a powerful witch. So you're the one who have control.


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