I hope I'm able to dispell some misconceptions and also make some confirmations about ouija practice. Before I continue, I should admit that I'm not very estute in the history of ouija, but I'm well steeped in practice. I'm also well aware of how arrogant this claim may read, but I'm yet to meet or even hear of anyone else who can use the board as clearly and effectively as myself, but I guess it's to be expected when you start at so young and innocently. Even amongst our fellow conjurers, ouija is often regarded as a tinker-toyish psychic little board game or even a parlor trick at best, and so I often don't speak broadly and openly about it to those outside my personal craft circles. It often really is as such for most dabblers... but there's a mysterious origin and method to the practice that gives it legitimate power potential that occasionally gets out of hand... again, mostly with dabblers. 

Now, if you are experimenting ouija for some sort of "proof" or "evidence" of the spirit world... well... just don't. It's a bit insulting to all existence between the manifest of our usual experience and that dissolved into the connective ether. Foster faith within yourself instead. Curiosity indeed is the start of faith, but let's crawl before we walk. Ouija is for communing with the dead and those otherworldly spectres and even faeries associated with lingering energy of passed human life. Naught else. Once you truly suspect yourself susceptible to mediumship, then ouija can be a useful tool to harness and initially navigate your abilities. Thereafter it's a more useful tool for reaching particular spirits by request of other people and for "ghost catching" ...which I won't elaborate at this time. If you use ouija as a toy, more likely little imps will just say things to freak you out for their amusement. If you do learn to use the ouija effectively and with respect and THEN toy with it to "show off" your abilities, prepare to be haunted.

Over the past two decades of my only quarter century life, I've learned to incorporate ouija techniques into cross cultural practices, primarily different African rooted methods. And that's another thing I'd like to stress to any beginners... do not limit yourself to one vein of craft or conjure. Wicca itself is a very kind and open practice, but for some it doesn't always have room in its very own set of principles, and especially in its own group of followers, to readily throw in certain distant pantheons and their particular methods, especially if dealing with the dead. I personally think it's extremely important for us modern pagans to be of the utmost accepting spiritualists... so I think it is absolutely ok to be drawn to a singular discipline, but only by true calling and not the pursuit of exclusivity=identity or worse "the ONE TRUE way!" I think it behooves us all to be very aware with cross cultural, cross global, cross time expansive beliefs and practices and to take what pieces from what crafts we find exposure to in order to create our own personal, individual belief systems.

Lastly, about the board itself. Store bought and sold boards are a travesty in my perception. The best you will ever get out of them are imps and other mischievous fae folk just screwing around. And know that when they mess with you through ouija, there is also a "messing with" of the lost souls. And how do you feel about that? Not very nice, huh? :P Boards, therefore, must be handmade for EACH ceremony for optimal use. I tear small pieces of paper, brush the alphabetical letters on each piece, place beneath a sheet of glass, and use a low ball drinking glass for my indicator. I have sat with groups and people in which no one had to touch the glass... it moves completely of its own accord- as long as I'm unconscious. So I've never seen it for myself. Much of my actual work, when it comes to the dead, is done unconsciously in Vodun fashion. I've thus often been my own biggest skeptic in the past, but whatever. It is what it is. "Take it or leave it", they say. Whoever "they" are. So it is with you and the information I've so generously laid out against what would usually be my best intuitions. Lucky. ;)

<3 Love and Light

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