This book by Paul Foster Case is an in-depth study of the tarot cards (Rider-Waite deck) in relationship to messages within the Qabalah or Secret Wisdom of Israel.

I, like many who began studying the tarot cards and perhaps as I, for the purpose of psychic readings, used the small booklet that came with the deck. Later I was gifted a book more detailed of each card (symbols, colors, numerology and astrological influences.) Still nothing gave me the information as did The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages. I've only been studying the Major Arcana cards from his teachings for about five years and my forty-five year relationship with the tarot has deepened. For instance 'The Fool' card begins our journey. Aleph is the Hebrew equivalent writes Case. "Fiery or Scintillating Intelligence is the mode of consciousness assigned to Aleph. Breath keeps a fire alight in our bodies." 


We tarot students know The Fool is the beginning of a journey or a path (project, awareness, goal etc), but to think we breathe in the fiery essence that awakens our scintillating (lively imagination) intelligence gives new meaning or a greater clarity to the symbol of the fool. "The Qabalists called this Limitless Light."

In his introduction Case says "Never has Ageless Wisdom attempted to define this One Reality. ... Yet in every age the report of the wise has been that in the One Something inheres the power to 'know'." If you undertake as a serious student, the study of spiritual and intellect growth in order you live fully your talents, abilities, and uniqueness then this book will surely give power to you thoughts and grow your awareness. I recommend it for all serious minded students of the occult and metaphysical interests as well as for the person who wishes to expand her or his spiritual connection to universal knowledge.

I won't pretend that study through this book is easy (to me anyway) and one would most likely stop at each chapter, which is full of esoteric teachings such as the direction of awakening assigned to each card. The Fool is North-West "...symbolic of the unknown, and of the state just prior to the initiation of a creative process."

If your intention is to deepen your knowledge of the wisdom of alchemical living (the right ingredients to live fully)and to move beyond the psychic reading (future telling) of the tarot, I recommend this book.  So Mote it Be.

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