I am a Hybrid Shaman (Lone Wolf) meaning  I absorb the knowledge from the first and oldest practice known to mankind. 12,000 years in Fact. And that is Shamanism"

I heal in the way of my own Soul. Souls are endless.

When you use your Soul to help someone, your Soul will replenish. It is everlasting. So don't be afraid to spread your Soul around to others who need healing.

Everyone has this ability, they just have to completely open their minds. Then it will happen.

I experience messages and visions in the Spirit World from the Spirit Guides. I cure ailments with the Spirit Guides energy.

I was chosen to be a healer. Everytime I heal, I take on their ailments.  My Soul builds back up. I do it again.

It's not all nice or safe.  When you go into a trance. You have to learn how to block the negative and fearsome energy. Because:

"We all take different paths, but we all end up at the same place in the end. We are stuck with each other forever"

- Derek Huneke

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