We went to Kings Island  it was alot of Fun I rode a few Roller s coasters and  we played in the water park.

I think the Water park was okay.   I did love that one ride Toilet bowl ride it was alot of fun.

The weahter was a bit cold.. I really wanted ot go on that ride though...   It was worth the climb I  screamed the whole way down. 

Dan and Tomas just chilled out at the beach there.


 We caught the train back and we went  back to the Park and we ate our fill in Dots and enjoyed  ourselves for the most part.

We thought though  Kings island is way more deocrative and has more shade and variety of  rides.

 We stayd today there.


Then we went over ot Air Museum it was really nice and it was Free it had a ton fo stuff my feet was killing me.... Even Tomas likedi t we was surprised. We also went to a afew fleamarkets it was okay.


It was a good  trip for most part.



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