Visiting my neices house for the first time

So this week I went to several places with my mom and had a really great time in general. However the visit to my nieces was disturbing.  They live on the top floor of a building, it was really really nicely decorated and she only pays 350 dollars! So I needed to do my homework on her computer / O sat dpwm tp dp the hjomework and several strange things started to happen. A strange orb like sun came through the ceiling window where my mom was sitting and several changes happened to her face and body and basically her thought pattern was interrupted. Then a bunch of strange beings sort of floating in black mesh like material started coalescing around my one nieces hallway over her head all over her face and even into the food she was eating. Also the neice closes to me started having facial changes- her face appeared to be melting weird jaws and her eyes disappeared into goo with glasses on. I felt really personally violated by the way they were to me physically reaching into my head to "read my mind" basically what I had on my mind was two things . Information for the homework I was doing, and like three extra stepsor like brackets maybe kind of where standing there. Doing the homework with them in the room was very difficult but I didn't want to alarm my mother but verbally confronting them because she might get physically ill or possibly faint from knowing that she is in the room with them as they are really hated by my family and have done us a lot of harm.

So the other incident occurred when I went to pay my fine for shoplifting. The town court here is REALLY really dirty and old the carpet is like stained the walls look hideous etc. I went in and opened the door and it felt like a huge magent was pulling the whole room into the ground. I then realized that one of the PANS as they call themselves was "PRAYING" and forcing the other "people" in their to pray. I immediately went right back out it was like an arm took my arm and pulled me right back out. About 15 minutes later I went back in - court was starting. And The air was full of weird noise and vibrations and stuff started swirling around the floor looking like black female faces. They were ,uttering and squeaking and chattering at everyone in there. they had all of us in some kind of invisible hold of some kind? The people besides myself where all in various stages of breakdown, both physically, one that really disturbed me was an older gentleman he sait hearest me. He was bvery dirty but I could sense that overall he had a very gentle nature, but that he was very sad. There were several angry men using all kinds of like guns of some sort to shoot the people including myself with some type of noise they control they were flaunting it at me and suck. As usual a couple brought in a kid which makes me really sick to my stomach as I don't believe kids she be exposed to that stuff, and they entered my mind and bery casually said that it was my responsibility that they had took up the trade of forcing themselves into peoples minds and as usual asked me what kind of demonic things they should do to their kid etc. So the ugly long haired nasty man that "leads" a group of female pans or voices etc - im plagued by them several times a month,  his face appeared on the floor about 3-4 foot long. Overall a huge palbable feeling of depression settled in on us it was like something was literally laying on us about the size of the room. Then a like "thought " became apparent to me - I hesitate to call it a thought because it again was the sixe of the room and kind of wiggled or swam toward me . but it was that someone in the room had been fixedly thinking about body parts and sadistic murder rituals. I tried very hard to coax the person to come forward I thought maybe I could talk to them about some things I know and then they feel like someone understood them>? But no one came forward. Then one of the black figures swam towards me and pulsed me with some kind of weapon that cuased my heart to rapidly beat and then I started experiencing memory or recall and I spat on my shoe and stepped on the things face which seemed to stop it momentarily. I also offered them with cozsing from a higher power. If the figures would somehow harden or materialize in the jail cell and beat themselves to death and picture would be taken and then they would be removed from town. They started chittering ;ole animals sort of I don't think they could take my deatl.

I could feel an ergy in the room with us that was very much telling me that it wanted to kill something maybe everyone and the anger that was in their was really sickening. I paid my fine. All the poepl in the their were non human. There wasn't one person in there that didtn enter my body or try to bit eme.

Ive taken to putting my matteress up in the daytime as some of them are too attached to it. I believe that with my commitment to taking my medicines withouth fail quite possibly I will be out of the woods ssoon. I wish a gourp of like walking and talking preachers with a bunch of bibles really friendsly that no ones knows would come in town and have a good day and leave. I think that would help immensely.

thanks for reading and know that me and my family are always praying for help even if the odds seam immeasurably.

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