Walking the Red Road November27

The Great Spirit knows that I have spoken the truth.


A Native to Know

Hiawatha helped to organize five separate Iroquoian tribes into one confederacy known as the Five Nations. His courageous work is legendary, and to some, has even reached mythological proportions. Hiawatha is known today as an intelligent, innovative leader who succeeded in uniting nations that otherwise would have been at war.

November 26

While feeling compassion for you in the sweetness of our response, we wonder at the anxieties and cares which you give yourself...


On This Date in Native American History

November 26, 1991: The Custer Battlefield National Monument in Montana, the site of "Custer's Last Stand" was renamed the Little Bighorn Battlefield Monument.

Meditations with Native American Elders

“The Natural Law is a spiritual law. Its powers are
both light and dark.”
Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman
Traditional Circle of Elders

There are some characteristics that are evident in the
system which the Creator made. He made balance,
harmony, and polarity. In other words, every (+) plus
has a (-) minus. Every positive has a negative; every
up has a down; every problem has a solution. The
Spiritual Law is the same - it has light and dark.
Both are good, so both need to be honored.
Lessons can be learned from both sides.
Great Spirit, teach me the powers of the Natural Laws.


A Cherokee Feast Of Days

Long ago I had a teacher who was nicknamed “Buffalo,”
partly because of her great shoulders clad in black
crepe, but mostly because she threatened to whip shy
students for going blank at the blackboard.
Years later she attended a school reunion. We assumed
that the nickname would no longer fit, and that
something soft and gentle would have taken the place
of the harshness we’d known. We were wrong. She came
with the same attitude, the same over-bearing manner,
and informed most of her former students that she did
not remember them at all. Whole lifetimes can be
lived without learning the importance of kindness. We
had the privilege of knowing we were right in our
judgment, but the greater lesson was that we had
learned gentleness and that a real buffalo—unlike this
human one— was quite amiable.
Perhaps the hardest duty in the performance of
parenthood was not so much to watch the conduct of
their children as to be ever watchful of their own.

November 27th

1759: Major Robert Rogers is en route to accept custody of French forts given over to the British after the end of the French-Indian War. When he comes upon the Detroit River at Lake St. Clair, he is confronted by a group of Indians. The leaders of the Indians, Pontiac, an Ottawa, tells Rogers he is trespassing, and asks his intentions. Rogers says he is going to remove the French, and he gives the Indians some gifts. Pontiac allows Rogers to pass unmolested.

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Comment by Debbie Plantier on November 27, 2009 at 2:13pm
Thank you for sharing..So beautiful and so much wisdom spoken.


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