Was it an Accident or Pre-mediated Murder???

I know I have been gone for far too long, but I now need some spritual/magical guidance from my fellow pagans.

Two weeks ago we got the news that my significant other's sister had been in a terrible car crash and was currently on life support. For a week we thought it was a simple fact of her losing control of her car in a rain storm. (which her boyfriend had told us) Well, after some very worrying information, and recieving the copy of the accident report after her death, it "looks" like she had been run off the road by another vehicle. Which still isn't the truth. Her boyfriends family had been hounding her 19 year old son for the life insurance money to pay off the house that wasn't in her name, constantly hounding the family for her purse that wasn't found at the scene and the police didn't see anything wrong with the fact that there was NO way she could have written down the licence plate number of the offending vehicle while she was pinned under the dashboard of the PASSENGER side of the car. (This information was supplied to the police by the boyfriend that she was currently trying to leave).

It only makes sence that he had been involved some way with her death, he was the second at the scene, the first being a neighbor that had just been let out of jail for having a meth lab. He made up all the stories, talked her grieving son into giving him the jewelry she had been wearing during the crash and didn't even show up at the burial.

I know being a good pagan would mean to let karma take its course, but i feel that some how he needs to pay for what he did, even if we can't prove it. This family is lower than scum, praying on a grieving family for insurance money, and playing with other peoples lives. They have no morals, they make/run shine, grow weed and goddess knows what else they do up there. I was also told that this so called boyfriend had raped her when she was 15-16years old, supplied her drugs to keep her compliant. I am so beside myself I don't even know what to think anymore.

Any one have any suggestions on how to get even? Or should we even try? I'm really confused.

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Comment by Karen Black on June 28, 2010 at 4:20pm
I'm confused too. Why would any woman stay with a man who rapes her and then keeps her on drugs? And where did her purse go? Too many unanswered questions here. I think you need to find out the truth by using, for example, a pendulum or meditation or even through a medium. Do you have a friend who could do that for you? You need to be 100% sure of the truth before you think about revenge. Blessed Be.
Comment by Kateet on June 28, 2010 at 4:35pm
She had met him long ago at a party, date raped, but moved on since then. The recent relationship was newer 20 years later (together 5-6years now) I think she hooked up with him because she was on drugs. Were not sure about that. Just speculation at this point. We belive the boyfriend took the purse before the police arrived and keep hounding about it to make it look like he didn't have it. A cousin of hers consulted an ouija to try and contact her after she passed, and supposidly she told the cousin that her BF ran her off the road with his 4 wheeler. (He was waiting to meet up with her, he hounded her at work all morning and she finally left work pissed off at him). She had also said that we needed to hurry and get her things out of the house because he was planning on burning the house down for the insurance money. We found out after this that he has a history of burning things for people so they can collect the insurance money. We also asked where her purse was and she said it was in the garbage. Some people don't belive in the Ouija but i've had my own experiences with them and I can pretty much say that this was probably her. I would like to be able to do any of those things, but I have strayed too far from my path in recent years to be able to grasp these things in a relatively short time. For now I will pursue advice from our own local law enforcement and see what they think we can do. Just a really sad situation all the way around. She was only 41 when she died. Way too young. She was going to leave him, but we think they killed her to shut her up since she knew of all the illegal activities that they were involved with. I think my next step is the ATF. LOL
Comment by Karen Black on June 29, 2010 at 11:51am
I still can't understand why any woman would have anything to do with a man who raped her, (even 20yrs ago) unless he was blackmailing her or had some hold over her. Not sure about the drugs, there are other pushers out there so why choose him? I wonder why he was hounding her all day? Did anyone check in the garbage for the purse? It sounds plausible to me about the bf & the car, torching etc but you will have to prove it. Evidence etc. There must be some tiny shred of evidence somewhere which no-one has found yet. Could a spell be done by a friend which would bring evidence to light? A private detective could be expensive! How is her son? It must be so hard for him losing his Mum & then being hounded by this mans family. Perhaps a spell could be cast for him too. I hope this all gets sorted and justice can be done. Blessed Be.
Comment by Mature Witch on June 29, 2010 at 10:00pm
get an aggressive attorney---now!


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