on my birthday as i weeped outside of my apartment. I looked across the distance of the parking lot and there sat a cat. The ears the eyes the tail the color none told me what kind it could have been and in being a stray i expected it to bolt on making eye contact with me but it didn't. It politely curled it's tail around it self and laid down. It watched me and i watched it. Before i knew it i had stopped crying and worrying. I felt more confident in myself. All this happened from sitting and staring at this one cat. Maybe i got better because my mind was distracted by the courage of this cat or maybe just maybe in the back of my mind hidden in the small corner of my heart i felt like this cat was something more then just a cat. I can't confirm my thoughts.. I can't prove that this cat magically made the sad go away, but it did. People ask for proof of something more that exist something bigger then this life of birth middle and death and i think i got it. Never ever in my life have i been almost forced to show gratitude to and animal but that day i humble whispered a thank you to that stray cat and walked back into my apartment.
Maybe it was God coming to visit me in some mysterious form...or maybe it was Bastet. My mind races between the two as i type this but whom or what every it was it has proven to me that even in my moments of feeling alone im never alone. There is something that i can't explain or understand fully out there watching out for me. comforting, loving me, taking care of me every step of the way and everyday of the year.

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Comment by Lady Aurora- Hekate)Ø( on June 21, 2012 at 12:30am

I realty like this and huggies 


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