We're back on line with the new redesign of all our websites!

Now you can get to any of our sites by visiting http://www.arsenic.com. We have a few bugs to knock out so please let us know if you see one and please give us your feedback!


Here's what's changed:


Arsenic.com - The landing page that will take you to any of our sites:
  • OneStopOccultShop - Our main Occult/Pagan commerce site with over 8000 products from major distributors such as Anna Riva, AzureGreen, 1618 Gold, Crystal Journey Candles, Original, Indio Products and more. We offer a daily special that is 25% off the regular retail price.
  • StregaCrafts - is our on-line store dedicated to Witchcraft derived from the cultures and magical traditions of Sicily/Italy and the Mediterranean. These Paths are also known as La Vecchia Religione, The Old Religion, Stregheria, Stregoneria, Benedicaria, and more.Here you will find items that are either personally handmade and empowered by us or that are magically crafted by real people who know what they're doing. As "New World Practitioners" of the "Old Religion", we hope to bring together the integrity and quality of the past through modern-day practices and venues. Don't settle for just any commercial product for your magical supplies. Come to us for Quality and Integrity. Or fuhgeddaboudit. :-) -
  • Streghe.US - Our newest site, http://www.Streghe.US is going to be our resource center for information on Witchcraft, specifically (but not limited to) Pagan religious Witchcraft with origins in Italy/Sicily, Europe, & the USA (Stregheria/Stregoneria).  We currently have a variety of articles, book reviews by Mike Gleason, blogs, and other reference material.  Our goal is to have this be a community content driven site and eventually integrate forums/posting boards.  Please let us know if you have written an article that you would like to see at Streghe.US.
  • VinnieRusso.com - The place to keep track of my blogs and tweets as well as book Tarot Consultations (in person and via phone).


I'm giong to try to be more active on PaganSpace.net, RealPagan.net, and WiccanTogether.com and have homepages at each of those locations.


For those of you on Facebook, we are going to be changing how we use FACEBOOK:


  • LIKE Arsenic & Old Lace - https://www.facebook.com/ArsenicAndOldLace
    for repost of my Tweets, general "catch all" posts, notice of blog updates, etc. This page will probably be fairly busy.
  • LIKE OneStopOccultShop - https://www.facebook.com/OneStopOccultShop
    for Store info, discount coupons, new products, blog updates, article updates, and things of interest to general paganism, including 25% off daily specials.
  • LIKE StregaCrafts - https://www.facebook.com/StregaCrafts
    for interesting posts of things relevant to Italian Craft, handmade items, blog updates, and things "Strega".
  • My personal page - https://www.facebook.com/nivho- it is going to be used for my personal posts, politics, humor, and general thoughts that creep out of my head. It will also be receiving reposts from my Twitter account and likely to have duplicate posts made to the above listed pages. If you don't like my politics or my humor, then you probably shouldn't friend it.
Ciao for now!

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