Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Drapes Of Remorse

Weekly Message From Lord Raziel: The Drapes Of Remorse

I greet you, Dear Ones, once again with the enormous gratitude, respect and love from the Most High. It is with enormous joy that I greet you this day, for much has been transpiring in your realm that is cause for great optimism. The rationale for such optimism may appear at odds with what is being considered and done to the human species, as a race. After all, when you look around, view the news or interact with friends and family, you almost always hear of adversities, the decline of your economic systems and the greed of a few who have the power to enact great misery on the many for their own ends. It is essential that you realize these are crucial actions in the Creator’s Divine Plan and each serves a distinct purpose, often more than one. One need only review your planet’s history – even if they are versions that twist or mask the truth – to see there is always a pattern that precedes great changes. You are in the midst of one but this one is, by far,
the most important.

You are aware of the old adage that, “Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people”. At the outset, it seems very unfair. How is it possible that individuals who resonate with low vibration energy are able to not only succeed but injure a great many others in the process? If The Creator really does care for each of you and is cognizant of these “good” people and their actions to assist others, it would make sense to presume that they should be rewarded in some fashion, not forced to endure more hardship. The reverse, of course should also apply. Those who injure others for their own gain should be punished in some fashion, not seemingly rewarded. In many of my messages, I have strongly promoted the understanding that this wondrous omniverse is based on balance, the balance of opposites. Your own experience on the earth plane has seen great changes in many areas, not just personally but
globally. Many of the actions taken to initiate changes for the “good” are
seldom reported in your news media for very good reasons, at least to those who
dole out the misdirection and half truths. These actions have the potential to
serve as rallying cries for many and could conceivably influence the
perspective of many. You are all aware of what I reference here, based on your
own experiences so why it is important that I speak briefly of this today?

While the awareness of such things is evident, there is another side that you need to be made cognizant of, for this is the true cause of the great optimism I spoke only moments ago. Consider this analogy, Dear Ones. A man chooses to have an extra-marital affair with a woman. When questioned by his wife, regarding his whereabouts, he lies and cites work as the reason for his absence. The man, knowing that at some point he may be found out, enlists the aid of friends or family to help perpetuate the initial lie by providing suitable alibis and such. At some point, the wife will become suspicious because she can detect the underlying energy of deception, although she may not fully understand it. Chances are good that she will eventually act on her suspicions to determine the validity of what she is sensing or feeling. Where the relationship proceeds from there is beyond the focus of the point that I wish make very clearly to you. You are daily being exposed to “news” and people who claim they know and are circulating the “truth”. Along the way, the lies become intertwined and overlap, leading to great confusion for many. At some point, any reasonably intelligent person will be exposed to that one incident, that one deception, which they know or highly suspect to be false. What action will the person take? They have a choice of either accepting the deception silently or taking the time to research other sources of information and exposing the real yet relative truth of the situation. Please note I suggest researching other “sources”, as in plural, for no single source contains the entire truth. Each is essentially relative truth, meaning
truth that is relative to the individual and based on their information and
unique perspective. No human entity or organization can claim ownership of
“absolute” truth, especially in spiritual matters, for only The Great Creator
is in possession of that. Continue to trust that there really is order, despite
what you may see in the illusion around you.

This is the reason for the optimism I have mentioned. You are likely silently saying, “But Raziel, we know bad things are happening and numerous people are being injured on a daily basis to further an agenda that seems to run counter to the Creator’s Divine Plan. You tell me there is a balance but every day I see these things happen and only see an imbalance.” The balance component,
an essential aspect of universal principles, may not always be seen or noted
but rest assured, Dear Ones, it is very present. For every lie told, a truth
emerges. For every lie that is seen in its true light, more people begin to
question, examine and explore. There are many who have chosen their calling to
be bringers of truth - or in the least exposing the deceptions – to your world.
Some of these you may consider to be lacking in spiritual maturity and
awareness and some of you may have written them off as sources of truth for
this simple fact. You must understand that each of you is given the tools
needed to fulfill your role in this incarnation and not all essential roles
require a deeply spiritual component. They serve to present you with an
optional view of a given situation and when it runs counter to what you have
been told by your news media, it can cause considerable confusion and anxiety.
This can often be the catalyst that propels a soul from slumber to wakefulness
and it is crucial. Not every soul is awakened in the same manner, as you are
well aware. The point I wish to stress here, Dear Ones, is that lies and
deceptions can take on a life of their own. As more lies are told to cover the
previous ones, it becomes a very tangled web. One of your great writers known
as Sir Walter Scott spoke of this when he wrote, “Oh what a tangled web we
weave, when first we practice to deceive.” Instead of the intended control of
your thoughts about a given situation, the reverse is actually happening.
Consider a person in your life who you have caught in a lie. Are you likely to
continue to give that person your full trust or are you likely to reconsider the
level of trust that you grant them? Only you can answer this question for there
is not a singular answer for all. Despite how it may appear, many are coming to
full consciousness, courtesy of these deceptions being perpetrated globally by
governments and many religious organizations.

The key I offer this week, for your consideration, I call “The Drape Of Remorse”. What is the first thought image that comes to your mind at the mention of the word drape? Obviously, there are different applications of this, being both a noun and a verb. As a noun in its most basic form, a drape is a device or barrier of some type used to filter or block something from interaction with something else. Over your windows, it can block out a hot sun, which is ideal if the temperature is high but there is always a small drawback. Your house may not be as affected by the sun’s rays and its heat but the drape also diminishes greatly your ability to see what is happening on the other side. Certainly, an open window will assist but some sounds can be misinterpreted or missed entirely, especially if your conscious focus is on other things. An unobstructed view, however, will allow you to actualize and understand what is transpiring outside the window. In your spiritual journey, you have often encountered betrayals that have injured you deeply. A part of you is aware that, whatever did transpire, was an essential piece of your education. If you examine those times of intense emotional pain, you will note it precipitated a change of some type within you or to your immediate surroundings. It is so important, Dear Ones, that you recognize and accept no event that takes place in your life is random or accidental. It is easy andcomfortable to remain in place and wish for nothing to change but that runs counter to the very nature of creation.

As it applies to remorse, and based on the brief definition I gave of drapes in general, it is not difficult to see the direction I am leading you. Remorse is but one of several low vibration energies but often works in tandem with many others including fear, worry, terror and rage. One of the most defeating actions that you can take is to allow remorse a foothold. Often you may look back on specific situations and wish you had taken different steps. You even try to convince yourself that everything would be just fine if you had acted differently and made a different choice. This emotion has the potential to enter every area of your life and as a drape on your spiritual progress, it has few rivals. It can also greatly
influence your perspective, of yourself, of others and the world in general.
You can see and hear this sentiment from people who have had a nasty separation and yet fail to examine the purpose of the situation. They refuse to open their minds and see that each challenge like this is designed to assist them, not simply to injure. Some are not spiritually aware enough – yet – to realize such
hurtful actions and circumstances are not only arranged by both souls but also
agreed to by each.

So, what can be done with this pervasive and potentially damaging emotion if it has already taken root? That is basis of this very special magical key, Dear Ones, and it all revolves around energy. It is imperative that low vibration energy is cleared, which you already know. Often, you may have thought you had resolved a hurtful issue but it will return to your conscious mind at odd times. This is a certain sign that, while you have done the work and possibly granted the person your forgiveness, the residual energy still remains within you. In recent months, many of you have felt no small amount of anxiety when these past memories surface, most often at the point of sleep. You have been urged by some teachers to send love or a blessing directly to the individual but I will strongly urge you to not take this action. By sending emotional energy of any type to another soul, you are establishing or re-establishing a direct energetic link. This grants free passage for this person to send energy back to you directly.
Instead, take a few moments and address The Creator and ask that The Creator
send Their love or a blessing. In this way, no energy is set in motion that will
allow the other person to affect you directly. It is very understandable, given
your status as masters, to want to ensure you continue to vibrate at a
frequency that is congruent with your spiritual maturity and reinforce that you
have progressed past the hurtful event or events.

I speak consistently of energy for this is my area of greatest wisdom. The keys I present you with are only suggestions but are of enormous benefit in both understanding what is happening, on an energetic level, but also to aid in moving through your challenges in less stressful manner. Please utilize the Sphere Of Confluence for clearing the final dregs of negative energy that is attached to a hurtful event. When the image appears on your inner screen, stop everything – if possible – and find a quiet place, and being in bed, when the flashbacks erupt is ideal. Gently visualize a sphere forming over your heart chakra and then send – in whatever way is comfortable to you - the image and emotional energy into the sphere. Remember, it is not imperative that you are able to see this happen; it is sufficient that you will it to happen. On an out breath, allow the sphere to travel down the mid-line of your body, down your legs and emerge from the chakras located on the soles of your feet. The final action is to see it disappear like steam from a pot and this is a part of the real power of this tool. You are allowing it to
leave your energy bodies and dissipate into the ether. Your conscious, 3D mind
is a storehouse of your experiences in this lifetime and yet it is the wisdom
and actions of your soul essence that is needed to remove the unwanted energy
from past hurts. The energy associated with remorse can serve as an anchor to
keep you from progressing forward on your journey so it is essential that are
able to remove it at will. The other essential component is that this action,
this tool, begins it journey at your heart center. This allows the event and the
energy to leave but with love, compassion and acceptance.

There is so much more I could include in terms of your energetic maintenance. Always keep in mind that you determine what you choose to hold onto and what you choose to release. If there is nobody in your life that you trust enough to talk these difficulties out with, please allow us to be of service and arrange a suitable soul to assist you. The key is that you must ask and then you must be more aware of those who enter your life. Some arrive to assist in your learning and growth by presenting you with challenges, while others can enter simply as a support mechanism, which is always a two way street. When you ask, do not be hesitant to include that you are willing to provide the same support for another. This way, we can make arrangements that are more perfectly tailored to your needs and the needs of the new friend you have requested. Remember also to approach any sudden negative energy displayed from an alchemical perspective. Utilize a higher and opposite vibration of energy to counter or neutralize one of low vibration. As your Bible says, “A soft answer turns away wrath.” Use this as an example, Dear Ones. With repeated practice, you will arrive at a point where you automatically employ alchemy to any new situation that arises with the
potential to affect you in a way that lowers your own energy.

It has been a great pleasure, as always, to communicate with you once again. I will leave you with the assurance that each of you is deeply respected and loved by our Great Creator and those who work with you in the higher realms. Remember that any condition you encounter is only temporary and energy is circulating – from a variety of sources – which attempts to keep you from advancing spiritually and realizing your purpose. No matter how you may feel about your lack of progress or movement forward, please know it is only temporary. Use your support networks but also be willing to be of service in the same way. Communication is essential. Be Blessed and be at peace this day, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries

(Channeled by Nick Nash - May 16/10)

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