Hi to all my friends

A lot of people moan about the harsh lessons life sometimes throws at us; I know this as I was one of them.

I see it now as if you moan and complain about the situation then your not understanding the lesson.

Take my last week!(Please it was painful)

I found out that I have cataracts in both eyes; there was I always thinking that the smoke in the room was from a smoldering fire somewhere.The amount of time I have wasted looking for the source of this smoke.

A simple operation and my eyes would be as good as new;  but they will not do the opperation as I have no one to look out for me for 24 hours afterwards. They only do this operation as a outpatient; convey-a-belt style.
To me this is crazy as I have a mobile phone and could call the district nurse if needed. So I'm on course to go steadily blind over the years ahead. Stop the planet I want to get off!

Had a nasty argument with gravity at the beginning of the week; walking Taffy. I suddenly found myself floating above the ground. I could see the ground comming towards
me very fast through my normal smokey haze; but gravity was either on a tea break or was busy somewhere else.

I seemed to be In limbo for sometime, a point between heartbeats that draged on. It felt that I could have completed the times crossword puzzle before hitting
the ground. In the end just before I was getting bored with waiting around, I got gravities full attention and with a sickening thud  hit the ground or the ground hit me.

The ground was not happy at all with this violence of being hit and refused to budge at all. I lie there unable to move or breath with what seem like the sound of freight train going through my head.

Taffy started to lick my face but when that did not get the desired response started to nip at my ears and pull at the little hair that I had on my head.

I just wanted to stay where I was as gravity and the ground was now ignoring me. The pain that had no particular place to be and choose the whole body to inflict it's desire, started to loose interest in every part of my body but for the legs. I could now breathe and the sound of the freight train in my head had moved off to bother some one else.

The sun was shining and warmed the body; I just wanted to stay where I was until gravity and pain found some one else to play with.

Taffy had decided that he was not getting the response he was looking for and did not like to be ignored; now started to jump all over my body. Barking in my ears and he did not hold back on his use of language. This rekindled the interest of pain and gravity to some degree.

So I had the choice of being beaten up by Taffy or
suffering the interest of pain and gravity and try to get up from the ground. Let's say I did
a very good impression of a zombe getting home and for the rest of the week.

I do hope writing of my bad week has given you a smile as I have learned that all of life's lessons should be taken with a smile in your heart. Even if they are painful and in a language that at first you don't understand.

Bright Blessings

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Comment by Maagda Thorenson on April 20, 2014 at 2:11pm

It doesn't say where you live, but if you live on Long Island, I'll take care of you.  Someone will help you all you need to do is ask.  No one should have to walk around in a cloud of smoke because they feel they are alone in the world.  You are NOT alone in the world.  

Comment by Mitch Webb on April 20, 2014 at 5:13pm

Maagda .....Thanks for your offer but you are about 2,000 miles from where I live. It's good to hear there are others that do not live in the land of the ego and want to help others without fear.

I live In a very Christian Village in the UK, you can tell that by all the Lies, hate, backstabbing that goes on. They preach their bible but rarely understand the wisdom within it's words. Wisdom is always in disguise and makes you work for every crumb, this is why you don't get many wise Christians. They take their bible to literally.

I have found that asking for help; to put a Christian spin on it, would be to do a deal with the Devil. I found that out the hard way.

Like Diogenes the Greek philosopher depicted in his search for an honest man conducted in broad daylight with a lighted lantern; I'm also the hermit in the Tarot cards. I too, search for those that are interested in friendship for the sake of friendship and not for what they can get.

Diogenes never did find his honest man; I too may shake the chains of this mortal body and not find my honest friendship. But there is always hope as tomorrow is another day.

Loneliness is a concept of the mind, I have the birds and the sky, the earth beneath my feet,  my dog Taffy plus all my virtual friends on PS. When the time is right the solution to my cataract problem will present it's self; until that time I will learn to cope. Hopefully with a smile in my heart.  Remember that we are the architect of our lives; what is most on our minds we create.

Comment by Maagda Thorenson on April 20, 2014 at 8:20pm

Don't judge the Christians harshly, because then you're doing what they're doing.  Judging people who judge other people ?  Sound familiar ?  There is good and bad in everyone.  You must get your cataract surgery and YOU WILL find a friend to help you that day.  Open up to it.

Below is the Norse Rune, Mannaz (pronounced maw nawze)  Draw it on a piece of paper or a stone, while envisioning kindred human spirits or people coming to your aid.  Open your heart to the possibility without judgement.  Remember we are all subject to ego.  We are all good and bad.   

Draw the rune, here is the Galdr chant that goes with the rune.  Sing is as best you can, envisioning friendship and a healthy social life: (pronounced maw nauze).  I love these runes.

mannaz mannaz mannaz

m m m a a a a a a n n n
mu ma mi me mo
mun man min men mon
um am im em om
mon men min man mun
m m m a a a a a a n n n
m m m m m m m m m

Comment by Maagda Thorenson on April 20, 2014 at 8:22pm

while drawing the rune, meditate on its meaning below:  

Mannaz helps in knowing oneself. It can therefore be used in mediation, to increase dreaming, or to enhance the truth of dreams. It can be used in conjuction with other runes to personalize matters or magic for or on a particular individual. It is also useful for cleansing oneself, a ritual which makes the afterlife more pleasant. In Odin's poem of runes, the second is one that must be learned by anyone who hopes to be a healer. Without knowing the patient, no healing is possible. Cooper, Esoteric Rune Magic.

Mannaz is the symbol of mankind as a whole and is often used when assistance from others is needed. It also symbolizes the powers of the rational mind. To gain the assistance of others. Increase in memory and mental powers. Peschel, A Practical Guide to the Runes.

Realization of the divine structure in mankind. Increase in intelligence, memory, and mental powers generally. Balancing the "poles of personality". Unlocking the mind's eye. Thorsson, Futhark.

To attract goodwill and new social contacts. Howard, Understanding Runes.

(taken from the below website)


Comment by Mitch Webb on April 21, 2014 at 5:00am

Maagda........ I don't judge Christians, they are the ones which are judgmental of all that does not conform to their thinking. That it's GODs will they throw a brick though your window; make up stories and lies that cause such negativity. But then they believe that their GOD controls all they do in his name, and they are in the right because your the EVIL ONE; and they go to church each Sunday.

To me the only one that is responsible for my actions is me!

You can only judge yourself in the end, as only you have the knowledge of who you are to then judge. Everything else is just impression of the truth.

I don't judge them, I feel such sorrow for them as they will never get to understand themselves and in turn GOD.

I believe that we will never know peace on this planet until we find that peace within ourselves.

To accept all life for what it is without Ego, fear and judgement and be able to take the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and LAUGH!

It's people with their judgments that make the problems! I can't have the cataracts done because there is no one to look after me afterwards. But I still have sight and they are not doing both eyes. So I still could see to get around somewhat at home and do things as I always do.

It's their interpretation of the rules that will keep the cataract operation on hold until I go blind or I comply with their judgment.

As I don't have the power to alter this at the moment, I shell cope with a smile in my heart and let the problem go  as that is the power I have over my life.   CHOICE!

I thank you for all your positive thoughts and the information you sent as it will now be there to help all that is in need of it; no energy is ever wasted.

Bright Blessing to all


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