What If Sodom and Gommorrah Was A Complete Lie?

Recent events of an artistic nature have found me exploring this very question. The only "real" source we have for this event is written in a collection of mythological stories of dubious originality and honesty. At one time, all of the sciences was controlled with an iron fist by the church and the stifling of that is said to have set us back several centuries. One source suggested that we we may well have become explorers of deep space by now, had it not been for the centuries of harsh and narrow-minded "leaders" and their hideous methods to control every aspect of the Sheep. The sciences were - and continue to be - an enemy of belief systems based on superstitions, plagiarized mythology and blatant prejudice. There is a reason for this and why its adherents will blindly stick to a fairy tale, despite having overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I actually read a comment by a Christian that claimed the dinosaur fossils were planted by Lucifer (or perhaps Beelzebub or Satan, whatever the name of the month is) simply to test their faith. Clearly there is a disconnect between reality and factual evidence and this is not an isolated incident, as many of you can attest.


So why do the "shepherds" of these belief systems continue to preach rhetoric that is not based on fact but rather from a book of compiled stories, from several sources, some written over 2,000 years ago? The answers - or possibilities - lay in a suspension of preconceived notions and programming. As a magical practitioner, consider the possibility that those religions based on Egyptian sun worship - Judaism, Christianity and Islam - have a god that is little more than a thoughtform. Before dismissing this, consider your own magical workings and the unlimited possibilities of directing applied energy. These religions have had 1,000's of years to simmer in the collective consciousness of humanity, where each successive generation adds its own energy to maintaining the thoughtform, including the attributes of this "god". This is a theory posed by a friend of mine Tom, in a series of extremely well-researched pieces beginning with Corruption Of The Demiurge. His research is meticulous and he presents a very convincing case but there is another aspect to this issue that presents another very dark possibility.


What if this entity named "Yahweh" is not what it appears to be? There is ample evidence that suggests he was one of 70 siblings, each of whom were "assigned" a nation or group of peoples and this one was given Israel. Even in the earliest recovered texts, there is a clear and direct association with others like Baal, Dagon and Asherah. And need we consider how these religions have relegated women to roles that are subservient to men, around the same time beings like Asherah were being written out of "history", in some cases vociferously denied by the zealots. This is one reason why religion has been so desperate to stifle the progress of science. We have tried and tested methods that are objective and comprehensive, as well as the technology to discover answers that, until now, were attributed to "god's will". Case in point.... A recent article that was never published by lame stream media was an astonishing statement by 2 eminent ISRAELI archaeologists who had been digging at a site claimed to be holy (according to their Tanahk) for over 2 years. They essentially said that they had not uncovered ANY evidence to indicate that the "legend" of Solomon's Temple had any supporting scientific basis!!!! This comes on the heels of well-known Egyptologist, Zahi Awas, who publicly proclaimed that, based on recent archaeological findings, the so-called Exodus of the Israeli people never happened!


The timing of such proclamations is never coincidental but that falls outside the purview of this article. I will add, however, a suggestion to look behind the scenes and you will begin to clearly see there is a multi-pronged attack to disgrace religion and it is being met with a counter-attack by delusional and narrow minded religious zealots worldwide. If you've never heard heard of the New Apostolic Reformation, please inform yourself. They believe that it is their right and duty to employ "spiritual warfare" against those they deem to be "evil". One member actually boasted that they had been responsible for the destruction of a yoga studio, which was allegedly a center of "demonic activity". Another claim was that they actually believed they were entitled to murder another living being, that they deemed to be evil - very clearly in direct opposition to what is supposed to be the central element of their belief system, Christ. How is it that they can justify causing pain or death when there own text preaches that murder is a grievous sin? I am certain that you have you own conclusion to that but perhaps both suggestions, as suggested above regarding the nature of their their so-called "god", have considerable merit.


If you want a really good chuckle, check out this story of a bar in Texas that is suing a nearby church, after the pub was hit by lightning and burned down. Sounds odd but it turns out the church blatantly had stated they had prayed for destruction of the bar. The judge's statements regarding this are hilarious but exceptionally astute.


This brings us full circle to the purpose of this piece - what if the story fed to us about Sodom and Gomorrah is truly deception and propaganda? Is it possible that their alleged destruction arrived not as a result of being the epitome of deviance but rather because these two cities refused to bow down to a pretender god? Is it possible that by not destroying them, the resulting timelines would see humanity at a very different stage in their evolutionary and spiritual development? Is it possible that these two towns, instead of being "dens of iniquity" were, in fact, cities that were highly advanced spiritually and refused to accept a pretender as their god? These are some of the numerous question I posed, allowing it free rein in my mind for a few days to germinate. The result was a second part to another epic Cosmic Draft, entitled Cosmic Draft 2: Iron Raven. Based on my own experience of researching religious mythology for almost a decade, there is very clear evidence of blatant deception, plagiarism and prejudice. If one tale is fiction - or simply taken from another civilization and claimed as their own - then it stands to reason that the others need to be held under intense scrutiny to determine their veracity. In my poem, Cosmic Draft 2: Iron Raven, I make a horrendous suggestion: the "god" worshiped by so many in the west is a pretender who is not in opposition with Satan, Lucifer and the many others.... but rather working closely with them. For anybody who still holds to antiquated belief systems involving these entities, this will likely ignite both anger and rage. If the words of Christ are true and we will know a tree by its fruit, consider the actions taken by some "loving Christians" towards Judge Jones, the judge who ruled in the landmark Kitzmiller VS Dover case. They threatened to KILL him for ruling that inserting "intelligent design" into PUBLIC SCHOOL curriculum was a violation of the First Amendment. If you read the transcripts of the case and the brief provided by Judge Jones, the level of deceitfulness and outright lying by supposed Christians was truly appalling.


One final point on this. Even in their "sacred texts" this entity very clearly identifies itself as being jealous, angry and wrathful - but is also, apparently, the epitome of love. Objectively, how can this be? Would you allow yourself to become involved intimately with a person who expressed this to you? They have clinical psychological terms for those who accept this in a relationship. If this type of influence in our lives is unacceptable, just from our human interactions, then why would we ever consider accepting a "creator god" with these attributes? My belief is that this being was assigned a specific task to lead humanity astray from discovering our true potential but a pretender nonetheless.


My final remark is that in no way do I imply that all practitioners of belief systems are ignorant and arrogant. So many today are seeking out their own unique form of spiritual expression, after finding religion wanting. What many believers fail to acknowledge is that their actions are reflective of our opinion towards their fellow practitioners and by extension, their belief system. When we see church "leaders" who consistently engage in sadistic behavior towards children with impunity and cover ups, so-called "messengers of god" who preach vehemently that a woman's role is always secondary to a man and evangelists who engage in the same behavior they they claim to abhor from the pulpit.... it is imperative that we hold these systems to scrutiny. If this is the accepted behavior of those who claim to be speaking "god's" words and in positions of great authority and influence, one has to consider the very real possibility that this Yahweh entity is truly an imposter, in league with what are commonly called demons. Anybody can understand temptation but consider the term psychotic, actions which one takes that are known to be "wrong" and yet is able to override the conscience and morality of the individual... not just once but time and again. Is that a "god" you would like to serve or receive messages from? Not me, not hardly.


For Your Interest:

I will leave the links to some of my recent work that I've been able to record and upload. There is a great deal of obvious - and hidden - wisdom contained within each. For those of you who have been actively exploring other realities, you will recognize many elements within these pieces.


Sword Of The Seven Stars: A cosmic sentinel is tasked with delivering a newly-made soul to its host but this is no ordinary assignment. The soul essence is on a covert mission that becomes inextricably linked with the sentinel. Behind Lucifer's back, a demon mage has hatched a plot to foment a rebellion on the lower planes, while the Grand Proctor hatches his own plot to steal souls.


Sword Of The Seven Stars 2: The Raziel Remnants: After breaking him from a prison fortress, Mars and Sword of Stars are informed that Lord Raziel's soul remnants are being hunted for the wisdom they possess. Tasked with their retrieval and protection, they face an assortment of enemies, including an evil race, forgotten to time, who may well prove to be their match. All the while, a demon mage, holding a personal grudge with Mars, is working dark sorcery from behind a hidden veil.


Bright Demon: A soul finally completes its training, under the 7 Lords, stepping into its cosmic role as a sentinel. To stop the slaughter of a defenseless race, he takes their general prisoner, and prompts the rage of a prince of night. With a massive army at his disposal, the sentinel becomes his next target.


Knight Over Dark: Introducing the Knight, an eternal guardian in service to the Light, observing a battle in which an army of Satan is decimated and buried in an eternal grave. He manages to escape, to the anger of Lord Michael, but there promises to be a future confrontation, which may take even the angelic hosts by surprise.


Knight Over Dark 2: Spell Of The Dark Fae: The Knight quickly recognizes dark sorcery at work, when his assignment involves seeking out an apparent wayward fairy sorcerer at the request of their king. A strong dragon influence is detected so he seeks the aid of Queen Bealicit, a dragon sorceress, to aid him. Their search leads them to the base of Mount Kailash and a secret cavern just outside of human detection, where a true horror awaits them.


You can also LISTEN to the rest of the Sword of the Seven Stars Album here.


Please don't be shy to express your own views on the suggestions posed in this article. I do not imply, in any way, that what I've written is your truth... it is simply my truth, based on the information and awareness available at the present moment. And that will change, as new data is received and evaluated. We do ourselves an enormous disservice if we do not expand our beliefs and paradigms to reflect new information and insights.



bright sorcerer


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Comment by Maris Hellfaerie (Maire) on September 13, 2011 at 5:59pm

I read that archaeological excavations of the cities revealed that they were abandoned before this happened according to the bible. The same for Jericho. I do not have a source because it was in an archaeological magazine I read in a waiting room.

It's legends and folk tales with a moral, I assume that real places were picked to make it...more realistic.

Comment by Bright Sorcerer on September 14, 2011 at 10:52pm

Thanks so much for your comments, especially Rose. A good reminder that nothing anybody writes is "absolute" truth. Perhaps my reference to "antiquated belief systems" could have been better written but I thought it would be understood, considering this is a pagan site, that I was referencing those that are offshoots of Egyptian sun worship - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. As for proof of the siblings, there is considerable archaeological evidence regarding the Ugaritic Pantheon, which includes Baal, Astarte, Anat and Shapshu among numerous others.

Regarding my "disdain" for Abrahamic thinking - I have no patience with the purposeful deception of organized religion and its associated texts, which are used simply as a tool of oppression and ensuring that everybody thinks as they do. I am in full agreement with you that it was the church who turned these beings into "demons". My whole point was that the entity known as Yahweh is a pretender god, elevated to his status by a single of people and adopted by the "Christian" religions, and no different than those others who are reviled by religion and called demons. It is still my contention that It merely masquerades as light and love but is no different than those entities who contracted to make life on this big school called Earth extremely difficult, in terms of spiritual development.

Satan appears to play the role of adversary but can the accounts in "scripture" be relied on? They would have us believe that Job was privy to a conversation between these two as they gambled to see how much adversity he could endure before cursing "god".


Regarding archaeological evidence, or lack of, as it turns out... yes, I do agree that not finding evidence does not equate to proving the event never happened. However, if an event is recorded in the "sacred texts", as in the case of the lack of evidence for Solomon's Temple, and yet years of archaeology do not uncover any evidence, it's a pretty safe bet that the story was embellished in the least or is an outright fabrication. 


Separation of church and state is essential, I agree, but hardly a reality in the west. When a nation is willing to allow its citizens to be seized and imprisoned by another, for having common human decency and concern for the less-fortunate, it very much reveals that separation of religious beliefs and government is an illusion. The belief that a group of people are "the chosen ones" is an extremely dangerous religious belief and can hardly be viewed as political, and yet it is the crux of US foreign policy. In my country north of the border, it is the same thing. What is ironic is that numerous rabbis have stated very clearly that the teachings of the Tanakh were for the Jews, not for the gentiles. 


I do agree there are many theologians/scholars who recognize that much of the Bible is a collection of stories but it doesn't stop ministers from declaring it as the infallible word of god, with the answers to any question or problem.  


Comment by Sunny on December 9, 2011 at 5:49pm

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share the belief in this story. I think the common believer in these religions are taught to rely on the testimony of the authors of their Sacred Text. For them, there were eye witnesses to the event of Moses parting the waters allowing the Isrealites to walk through ... and afterwards letting the waters wash over and destroy Pharoah's army which were persuing them.

The belief in Sodom and Gomorrah is another story that the common believer must accept as having taken place. It showed the active role that their God played in their lives. He was the enforcer of His laws.

Personally I see the stories as myth. And myths have different functions for individuals and for society. And this particular myth about Sodom and Gomorrah shows the complexity in the formation of a tribe's myths about other people.

There was something complex going on in the formation of this tribe's myth. Maybe it went something like this ... "Men having sex with other men??? HELL NO!!! NOT IN THIS TRIBE!!!" Maybe this coincided with the event of some asteroids falling down causing a lot of havoc. Who knows?

But it's natural. It's human behavior.

There was a song by Bjork in the 90's about human behavior. It goes something like this.

"If you ever get close to a human.

and Human Behavior.

Be ready be ready to get confused."


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