Why I seem to be "ignoring" freind requests... I'm NOT! :)

Hi everyone who wants to read this.

Just a little heads up to all those wonderful people sending me friend requests and not getting a response. Reason is that I use a clunky old PC (yeah I work in IT and can't be bothered fixing it...)

And anyhow, this lovely old PC of mine hates the higher end graphics, fonts and pretty much modern day basic set up of people's profiles... so when I go to have a look, it crashes my entire PC (its usually a font .dll issue) and I lose everything I happened to be working on.

So, when that happens I tend to avoid trying anymore.

Why don't I just accept all invites? Well, no offence, but if I'm going to add someone to my friends list, I'd like to know a little bit more about them first... which is WHY I go to their profile. :)

And then, strangely enough, if I can't see their profile, I'm not keen to add someone.... so! I'm not ignoring you and not saying I DON'T want to be friends... I'm merely saying I can't view many profiles (except the nice basic ones like my own that aren't cram packed with gifs, images, odd fonts, etc) and so can't make my decision on friendship.

I'm not asking people to change their profiles, just be understanding as to why I'm not accepting (OR declining!) friends right now.

BB - Banksia.

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