i was walking out towards the road in and i fell my right ankle went to the right and it pinched a tendon, well i was on the phone with AT&T and i did want they said to check my internet, my phone lost signal and when i was on the side of the road i was in the grass and i fell to my hands and knees and my ankle did the same thing again but this time i almost got hit by a car that was in both lanes. when i was walking back home, i heard a car coming i look back and my right ankle did the same damn thing but to my luck it was driving away from me not towards.....

fastforward and i am in walmart, i was by the bread aisle and to my surprise my left ankle almost made me hit my head on the metal shelves. hurt my back when both happened, when we got home i told my squid (my fiance) that i was going to give a crystal i grew from a kit to his cousin, on the way there my right ankle went to the right again and i was floored but how many times it happened today, got a few steps and my left ankle did the same as it did in walmart, the put me in a fury i was cursing, i tried not to limp. i was walking primp and proper, i delivered the crystal and i was walking on the road, when i got to our trailer i was yelling at him that i fell two more times.

saturday the 6th of april 2019 has a sense of humor of almost breaking my ankles even when i stand still,

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Comment by Karen Black on April 7, 2019 at 7:57pm

What type of shoes were you wearing at the time when these incidents occurred?

Had you been drinking alcohol? Had you taken any kind of drugs including prescription ones and over-the -counter ones like indigestion liquid or Asprin?

Do you have any untreated medical condition? Have you had any ear infections in the last 4 weeks?

All of the above things can affect your balance. Next time it happens I would suggest you consult your doctor about it.

Comment by Enigma on April 7, 2019 at 8:04pm

Very good points Karen. Victoria's blog post reminded me of when I was drinking heavily. I was falling all the time.

Comment by victoria sullivan on April 7, 2019 at 9:00pm

i know my conditions i dont drink or take medications even over the counter that much, dont have an ear infection. and i rarely fall in flat shoes, my medical conditions i take painkillers for, and i still ignore that lol, i never drank, i dont even use it for cooking


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