Heilsa All!

We do a few rituals at Yule:

Farewell to Sunna at dusk, the Main Ritual, a Wild Hunt Blot at Midnight and a Welcome back at dawn. And yes, we stay up all night to await her at dawn.

Of course, we did get over a foot of snow over the weekend...

The Odin Blot we did standing upon giant "inscribed" (ok, tread path) Sunwheel in the snow. Really nice.

This is my write-up about the Main Blot I did for the gathered folk.

Yule is about the ultimate story; the Creation and Destruction, of everything. In particular, our year, our bonds of friendship, our connection to the Gods. The year is ending. Our families are far away. Sunna has left us. But the New Year will come. We have our friends and kin close. And we light the way for Sunna's return.

We had all literally gathered around the hearth-fire in the living room. The Nor'Easter predicted was on-route. The absurd amount of food we had was merrily being digested, with the assistance of many libations. Pre-Blot we discussed what Yule meant to all of us. The major commonality was the connection we had to each other and the Gods.

So, with all this in mind, I did a ritual first: everyone attending were seated during Blot. Now before anyone goes postal on me that we were not taking our Gods seriously or disrespecting the Gods, this was a family occasion. We asked our Gods to join us by the fire, on this most Holy of occasions. Why not? The worlds are so close anyway at this point of the year. And with the jotuns and the Wild Hunt raging outside, this seemed appropriate and prudent.

I don't recall the specifics of the inviting. We were sharing our most holy occasion with the Aesir and Vanir. And there presence was felt among the friendship we shared.

The first round went to the silent Goddess, Frigga. As the hearth and home Goddess it only seemed appropriate. The second to the Community. Our bond starts with the Gods and delves into those around us. The Third to the Ancestors. From the present we loop back to the past and we must honor those who have come before. Of course, that thinking will ultimately honor the Gods, as the beginning of our lines, completing the journey.

Our kin bonds of RKN were renewed, as with every ritual we do.

Everyone walked away bright-eyed and full of strength and vigor with a little something to think about. What more can one ask?

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