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Hello new friends! What to say about myself, well lets see, I am blessed with the teaching and caring of two bright and beautiful spirits that I like to call my children. Kyle, my sensitive is now twelve going on thirteen, and Alie, my little heart is eleven going on twenty eight, just ask her, lol! Because the Fates believe lessons should be learned the hard way, or maybe just because they occasionally exhibit a strange sense of humor, I am married to the most wonderful man who, ten years ago I never would have looked at twice! We're not exactly polar opposites, but sometimes it comes close, which if nothing else keeps life extremely interesting! I no longer work outside our home, due to a nasty genetic illness that struck three years ago right after the hubby and and I got back from our honeymoon. {That's what I get for swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool!} I am sick often, but so what, I'm still alive and that's what counts. So now I get to stay home and work on my best seller.....It also affords me the luxury of being home when the kids get home from school which is something I was never able to do before.
Favorite Books
I don't read. I DEVOUER books! LOL, almost any type. History, Herstory, fantasy, romance, mystery, thriller, biographies, witchy teaching type, new age idea and thinking type, horror, parenting, pagan....I read street signs and pamplets if there's nothing else available. I love books and the world of prose and poetry.
Beliefs / Practices
Spiritual but not Religious, Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Native American Spirituality
Other Beliefs/Practices
I'm mostly an eclectic, comming from a long line of somewhat self-denying hereditary psychic women. Our family history is mostly lost in time on both sides of the tree, but on my mothers side, there are strong mental and emotional ties to eachother and some outside events. Much of the famliy subscribes to a sort of kitchen witchery and somewhat archaic family superstition and tradition.

Just over the past year or so my lovely daughter has decided she wants to learn to follow my path so I have begun teaching her small things, but her intuition is decidedly uncanny. My son Kyle seems torn and is at the age of wanting to decide for himself what mysteries the world holds. He usually asks my thoughts but prefers to decide for himself.

As for practices, well, as I said I am eclectic, but have strong ties to the World of Fey and have worked for several years with Draconic Energy. While very drawn to my Celtic roots, I also have a deep passion for the Native American Shamanistic paths, among others. I go with my instincts, if it feels right, I tend to trust it.
I paint, with brushes on canvas. Usually with acryllics, but have dabbled in watercolors on occasion. I have sold portraits and landscapes, and enjoy bringing to life my own scenic flights of fancy.

I sew a little, very little if it comes to that, but have recently began learning to crochet, and have great ambitions for the development of this skill.

I sketch, or draw, sometimes what I see, sometimes what no one can see, and sometimes just because the mood strikes and I feel I can do nothing else.

I also write-but I would call that a little more than a hobby. Short stories, poetry, rituals, prayers, chants, to include the ceremony and vows my beloved and I used for our wedding/handfasting. I am currently working on a series of novels, all surrounding the same characters, I use the term "working on" loosely as I have a tendancy to become mired down in the planning and get lost when it comes to the actual writing of a thing. My aspirations are of course, publication, abject fame and fortune and a life of leisure, I am not however, holding my breath and would settle for a kind word from a publisher!

Ive recently gotten into OOAK dolls, I'm not very good, but I'm learning, lol. These art dolls, or at least the ones I'm working on are made of super sculpy and other bits and bobs. Paint and fabric and sequins and things of that nature, if I ever finish the one I'm woring on, I'll post pictures and let you all know!
I'm not really sure about heroes, and I'm not sure that I have any in the traditional sense of the word. I feel that, I myself, tend to pay more homage to characteristics and behavior than any one individual.

For example, is the fireman who risks his life to retrieve a child from a burning building any more heroic than the single mother who works two jobs to care for her child without the aid of welfare?

Is the soldier defending freedom in a foriegn land any more heroic than the man who sacrifices his free time in building a home for the needy or a playground for children?

I suppose it all depends on how you look at it. In my mind all of the above are acts of heroisim, and worthy of note and respect.
How did you find PaganSpace?
A friend told me about it.

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Moving Forward

Posted on June 26, 2011 at 8:49am 0 Comments

Well friends, looks like the gods have intervened on behalf of my family.  I've been praying for a long time now for a better situation for us.  At first I thought those prayers had been answered in the form of a job my husband was offered and took a couple weeks ago.  Unfortunately, this job keeps him away from home all week (He drives an 18 wheeler) and we've been lucky…


The First Day....

Posted on May 29, 2011 at 9:59am 1 Comment

     I've always heard that old saying, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life."  Cliche, maybe, but terribly true.  I've been ill, sepsis, double pnemonia, numerous unidentifiable infections which have landed me in the hospital for nearly as much time as I've spent at home since last October. 

     In June of 2005 I was diagnosed with Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Defficiancy, which is characterized by the absence or lower than average level of the protien Alpha 1 Antitripsin in the…


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