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Hello, and merry meet! I'm Kelsy. I am turning seventeen on the 29th of this month, and have been dedicated since '05.

I have a strong opinion sometimes, which makes people mad at me. My opinions also change, so... just watch me. I feel like I should live life to it's fullest, and never regret anything I do. I'm currently recovering from a bad relationship, and have the best friends to support me.

I'm deeply involved in my school in the Theater department, and go to a charter school focusing on Engineering. I'll be going to either NJIT after high school, or working at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. I love acting and building a show from the ground up, and have worked with people at Portland Center Stage multiple times.

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A shamanic pagan's roots are generally found in Native American faith. A true love and respect for the earth and all that it yields is central to their faith. Wisdom is most often found in spirit guides or totems, who can be animals, ancestors, or spirits. Pagans who follow this path tend to be far more aware of the delicate web that interweaves the lives of every person and thus move within that web accordingly. They're usually deeply insightful, friendly, loving people and excellent friends and parents. Mysterious and strong, as well, they are often the protectors of their friends and family as well as the moral compass for their friends and loved ones.

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A Witch is at one with the world around them as much as controlling it. No secret is beyond your grasp and using magick to settle disputes isn't beyond you either.

You are a Witch and are one with and control the world around you.


You are a sensitive and delicate Fairy.


You are a wild and wooly half man half horse.


You are a Mermaid/Man


You are a Demon and love to lure innocents or idiots down the path to ruin and destruction.


You, oh firey breathed one, are a dragon.

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Witch, Shaman, Native American Spirituality
My heroes are my friends. More exactly, my best ones.

Nic, who has been there through the hardest times. I've known him for six years. Then there's Chris, who has been there for four, and tends to keep my brain in check.

Bear, for being my verbal dummy that is supportive of me, and letting me beat up on him via sparring when I need to release stress, and Emily for keeping my head in check and looking at things with a bit of love.

And finally, John! Who keeps me focused backstage, and stiffiling laughter during shows. :)
How did you find PaganSpace?
Through Witches Way. :)

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