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Single, It's Complicated
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About Me:

Was born in Georgia, shuffled about through my family, and grew up in Ohio. Personally grateful I stayed within my family. Don't know my father's side. Long story short, Moved to Texas to seek a new life with the ex Mate. It didn't work out... Was popped back on a plane to Ohio... Plans for being in another relationship didn't pan out either.

Recently, my father passed away. Patching things up with some friends, trying to sort through a lot of emotional turmoil currently...

I believe in believing. Perception is reality and reality is truth and the truth is what is. Lies are just lies.

I am Wiccan, with many other aspects mixed in. It's difficult to explain at current.
Oddly enough, I was Raised Catholic and Christian. I decided to branch off into something more comfortable. With help of my sister and others, I discover more of myself everyday, ever-changing and growing.

I truly believe in Loyalty and Trust, as high standards, and morals. Especially Honor and Respect. I can be rather old fashioned at times...

Some favorite quotes:

"She who does not Learn to Howl, will never find her Pack." -Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Author of "Woman Who Runs With The Wolves")

"....lies are devastating things...the most harmful are the ones we tell ourselves..." - Me

"Justice, and Death, are two separate entities, that are very blind, but sometimes work hand-in-hand." -me

"Sisters can be the bestest of friends and the worst of enemies. Who said they always had to get along?" -me

"Where there is desire,
there is gonna be a flame.
Where there is a flame,
someone's bound to get burned.
But just because it burns,
doesn't mean you're gonna die.
You gotta get up and try." -P!nk "Try"

"Protected by the Stars, Guided by the Heart." -me

"Look for the fire within your heart and kindle it. Hold it, train it, expand it, and share it. This is your heart, the flame, your love, let it become you and encompass everything you do." -Lia

"In the Midst of Fear Lies Your Deepest Dreams" ~ me (dec 26 2012)

"I'll think about it tomorrow" ~ Scarlet O'hara - "Gone with the Wind"

"You're low IQ is gonna make me high off stupidity." ~ me ♥

"I can Feel my Wings, I can See the Sky. Now I just need to take a deep Breath and Fly." ~ me

"The things I do for you, and you'll never know..." ~ me

"Tis only worth the wait when what you were waiting for happens. If not, then It's only a waste of time." ~ me

"The only way to feel again is to Let Love In. The only way to see again is to Let Love In" ~ The Goo Goo Dolls - "Let Love In"

‎"It is from your own fear of being alone that you draw your strength to stand for yourself." ~ Lia ♥ (a good friend)

"We all must live our own lives, but we can live our own lives together. In truly being lonely is where we are truly connected." ~ Will ♥ (a good friend)

"Speak your mind clearly, Scorpio. Other people aren't mind readers like you are." ~ 1 horoscope reading.. (dec 8 '10)
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Favorite Books
house of night series, harry potter series, dark hunter series, dragonflight series (unicorn trilogy), twilight series, assorted manga, (will list more when on hand)
Beliefs / Practices
Pagan, Witch, Wiccan
Other Beliefs/Practices
Astral realm and travel, Dreams/visions, otherworldly senses, otherwise looking to learn all I can, my year and a day
reading, writing, learning, tarot, listening to music, sometimes making music, drawing, and digital art, reading/writing poetry
sailor moon, michelle belanger, Rogue (xmen, any version), Raven (teen titans, or any version)
How did you find PaganSpace?
a site a friend told me about, been meaning to join

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Raven Charme's Blog

A new day

Posted on November 1, 2013 at 5:30pm 0 Comments

An Excerpt From my Journal, 10/31/13 "A New Day" "This Dedication to 'My Path' is to set me into focus, to learn who I really am, the Me I've repressed, and with self-loathing, to find fulfillment in love... Not the need-a-guy(or girl) kind... Universal Love, the very essence of Peace, and the answer to my Pain. A chance to rewrite myself, and change the patterns from hate and pain to Love and Light. And here I must remember, My Path is more than whatever Religion or Base I (choose to)…



Posted on October 31, 2013 at 3:40am 0 Comments


Clear your mind, release the old, breathe in the new, and when you need a boost, say this, sing it, breathe it, live it, Believe it.

Today is my day.

I am Beautiful,

I am Wise,

I am Strong.

Today is my day,

I am Focused,

I am Driven,

I am Happy.

Today is my day.

I am Compassionate,

I am Passionate,

I am Willful.

Today Is my day,

I will be the best of…


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At 10:53pm on January 24, 2016, Matthew said…

Hi! I live in Brunswick

At 11:34pm on August 21, 2013, Raven Charme said…
thanks all for the comments :) blessings to all.
At 10:01am on August 21, 2013, ocean99999 said…
Welcome to the Astrology Group ~
At 11:04am on August 18, 2013, Terry said…

At 8:17pm on August 16, 2013, Dr. Gareth Pengwerin said…


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