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Dream Help

So I had this dream about the african water goddess Yemaya. In my dream I was praying to her, I wrote her a letter and offered her some sea…

Started by Capmoon

5 Apr 3
Reply by Enigma

Do You Know This Goddess/Entity?

Description: Dark haired, either deep brown or black and relatively long. Wearing a long green robe with light colored hem of gold or silve…

Started by Kaylee Moore

9 Jun 26, 2018
Reply by Enigma

The Goddess Hel

I don't exactly "worship" any deities, but rather see them as friends and guides and sometimes warnings of what to come. There is many reso…

Started by Skye Freyjasdotter

36 May 5, 2018
Reply by Enigma

Religio Romana

To those who practice this faith, which Gods or Goddesses do you honor often? I personally honor Pan, Minerva, Janus, Luna, Vesta and Juno.

Started by Jeffery Larson

17 Apr 18, 2018
Reply by Aurelia Pontia

Any books/resources to learn more about Ares/Mars?

I am having a really hard time finding out more about him. I've tried looking up websites etc. and I get basic information but I want to fi…

Started by Ariel Ganshmi

7 Apr 7, 2018
Reply by David J. Mcessey

if you practice magick, have you ever asked yourself why?

     I love to practice magick but today, I was thinking about it and I thought, why do I do it? Well... it's fun to a certain degree but a…

Started by Mary Sullins

24 Feb 16, 2018
Reply by Spooky~

What deities do you work with?

Hello everyone! I'm kind of new here and curious about what deities people on here work with, and I wouldn't mind seeing if we work with th…

Started by Titania

39 Dec 16, 2017
Reply by Raven Heart

How do the gods speak to you?

I always hear people say that a god or goddess spoke to them or told them something. How do they communicate with you? Is it through signs…

Started by Lethe

78 Dec 7, 2017
Reply by Child o' the Pantheon

Kali Puja [worship] in Trinidad

This is an old documentary on Kali puja, which has really taken root there. Much syncretism has occurred as a result of the Indian immigrat…

Started by Alexia Adder

0 Jul 24, 2017

Some Celtic Gods

Does anyone know who some Celtic gods and goddesses are? I wanna know who I should be praying to covert night.

Started by Ethne Tempest

5 Jul 24, 2017
Reply by Heather


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