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5 Things You Didn't Know About Satan

This is just for people who want to be more informed.  It is NOT from a religious standpoint.  It is basically talking about the myth of…

Started by Fiona

3 Jan 16, 2015
Reply by SIN JONES

Christianity Paganism in disguise??? (video)

Started by Fiona

71 Jan 7, 2015
Reply by Euth'miah

The Siring of Slepnir (The Aesir were not always nice people.)

I recently read an interesting tidbit on here asking about Norse lore. About the Christianization of the old stories. I've been doing work…

Started by Grinning Viking

34 Nov 12, 2014
Reply by Demeter

Theories abound on the Christianization of North myths

Okay, so I've seen people say Loki is a Christian creation. I've seen people say that Freyja & Freyr are Christian creations. I've seen…

Started by Barry J King

13 Nov 9, 2014
Reply by Naschina

Apples in Brythonic Celtic Mythology

I am looking for information about apples in Brythonic mythology, folklore and customs.I'm trying to get away from using a calendar to tell…

Started by Sarah

10 Aug 21, 2014
Reply by Sarah

The ASH & Loki?

It is my understanding, from previous conversations on PS, that Loki nor Ragnarok are a part of the mythology of Anglo Saxon Heathens. Why…

Started by Barry J King

16 Aug 19, 2014
Reply by Barry J King

More evil than Satan O_O

So, I was talking to my friend on skype about the possible origins of Satan and whether or not Set was a prototype for Satan.  And my frien…

Started by Fiona

243 Aug 19, 2014
Reply by SIN JONES


Everyone who was born with a protruding mole, the remains of the placenta on the head or spots of hair on some parts of the body, could ha…

Started by Hemlock Pepperwitch

14 Jul 16, 2014
Reply by Helen

Sometimes I can't just say nothing...

...especially when it involves someone making a statement that they claim is absolute fact, and they are wrong. On the way to dinner tonig…

Started by Tracy

41 Mar 11, 2014
Reply by Joy Z. Samhainstone

Fave mythology books & authors

I'd like to do some reading about lore and mythology and I was wondering if you had some favorite books or recommended authors you can give…

Started by Eyevvy Libra

8 Feb 13, 2014
Reply by Celticlass...FAERIE QUEEN


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