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E. A. Koetting

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has read his works, etc.? Does anyone have positive or negative experiences? BB, S

Started by Jane

5 Apr 22, 2016


Are there any brewers of potions in the house? Not aromatherapy mixtures; active brews. I know only a few, most of these are consummately e…

Started by xenosapience

11 Mar 10, 2016
Reply by Ariel Ganshmi

10 Reasons Public Occultism is Dying, Nick Farrell

LINK As a result the public information on real occultism will slowly disappear. Initially there will be a rise of those with no occult ex…

Started by SIN JONES

30 Dec 31, 2015
Reply by SIN JONES

Physically move around while doing LBRP?

I got a simple question; When I want to do the LBRP, or any other alike, do I really have to physically make the moves with my dagger to dr…

Started by Kasper

4 Dec 17, 2015
Reply by Charles McBride

Economic Collapse, Prepping, and the Occult

This is not a thread intended to convince anyone of what is obvious. I could go into detail about the clear economic warning signs (falling…

Started by billybob borris III

20 Dec 4, 2015
Reply by Barry J King

Any Covens That I can Join?

Where can I find a coven to join? 

Started by Azenath Hildr Starbreeze

10 Nov 19, 2015
Reply by Noe Tellusom

Hand gestures and their place in magick

I recently looked up something the Buddhists call Mudras and what ninjutsu practitioners called Kuji-In or nine symbolic cuts. Seeing as bo…

Started by Branwen Embers

10 Sep 22, 2015
Reply by Azriel

Quick spells to help boost certain attributes

Are there any spells to boost things like strength, perception, wisdom, luck stuff like that? i apologize for the RPG feel i do not mean fo…

Started by Branwen Embers

6 Sep 20, 2015
Reply by Branwen Embers

Chidofthemoons Illness

I have read the insight which childofthemoon has had and I wish to help him. I wish to use this thread to construct a grand healing spell.…

Started by Myst Moonlight

4 Sep 16, 2015
Reply by Myst Moonlight

Anyone seen a chakra do this before?

I wasn't exactly sure where this topic would fit, but occult as an umbrella term seemed to be the best fit. If I'm mistaken please feel fre…

Started by Saulf

4 May 8, 2015
Reply by Saulf


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