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"Reclaiming" Heathenism from racists (etc)

I made a blog about two months ago on the many problems of racists and the like that permeate the vast reaches of Heathenism. I need to not…

Started by Alexia Adder

199 Oct 21, 2018
Reply by Spiralmatrix

Nahualli (soul animal)

I thought I made a topic on this subject years ago. I guess I did not. Merely talked about it a bit in the Tezcatlipoca thread and some oth…

Started by Alexia Adder

7 Jul 25, 2017
Reply by Shawn Blackwolf

Is it ever rude or inappropriate to wear a symbol?

I'm working as an English teacher in heavily-Catholic Bavaria, Germany, and I have a few necklaces that have symbols of the Germanic gods o…

Started by blackfire is hungry

53 Aug 9, 2016
Reply by Ur Hekau

Is there any connection between Hoenir giving reason to man and then being indecisive when joining the Vanir?

In one version of the Norse legends, Hoenir was one of the 3 who "created" humans.  He gave them reason. Definition of "reason," as per tec…

Started by blackfire is hungry

6 May 4, 2015
Reply by SIN JONES

Hello there, looking for other heathens mostly

I have considered myself a heathen for about three years now. I've spent some time studying the runes and lore, but i wouldn't say I'm an e…

Started by Shasha Sorrel Graye

14 Sep 4, 2014
Reply by Shasha Sorrel Graye

Any Arizona Asatruar/Heathens here?

My husband and I are fairly new to the faith. We've been practicing alone for the past two months, and I've been reading quite a bit. While…

Started by Ashley Romo

10 Sep 28, 2013
Reply by Ashley Romo

Heathen Help

Hiya I'm looking for some really good books on Heathenry.  I'm new to this path and would love some great information, and even some conta…

Started by Aiyana Dreamweaver

8 Jul 2, 2012
Reply by Cena Nico

Trip to Iceland, what should I plan to see?

In an effort to further my rune studies, I'm seriously considering a trip to Iceland sometime next summer. Does anyone have any suggestions…

Started by Wolfspeaker

6 Nov 6, 2011
Reply by Jennifer Winegar

Siegr "Victory as a spiritual virture" anyone agree?

Asa lifelong member of a Germanic Tradition the concept of Seigr or"victory" has been very important to me. Wodan is also calledSeigr-Fath…

Started by Kevin "American Thor"

68 May 31, 2011
Reply by Strmraven

Odin: A Mass Murderer Who Made the World from His First Victim?

There are some who might think Odin is a mass murderer who made the world from his first victim. This is odd to me.For Odin to be a mass mu…

Started by Anna Bucci

62 Aug 17, 2010
Reply by Anna Bucci


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