Dancing, spinning round and round
Tap a rhythm on the ground
Diana, Isis, call her name
See her in the candle flame

Incense burning, smell the flower
Try to raise a cone of power
Candles in the quarters flicker
Feet now stamping, growing quicker

Fire burns and smoke is swirling
People dancing, people whirling
As dervishes, we move so fast
Ghostly echoes of the past

Begin the chant, hypnotic drone
Maiden, Mother and the Crone
Glowing blue light start to build
Power growing as we willed

Feet now spinning on the ground
Hear earth's heartbeat as they pound
Voices chanting, high notes, low
With wonder, feel the power grow

Together, with one mind and will
Spells and workings to fulfil
Eyes wide open, now we see
Our spell is cast, so mote it be!

Copyright 2001 Ankerwytch

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Thank you!! This is bonny! One of my BEST ways of raising my energy before spellworking is dancing!! BEST....outside round the balefire!!
I love this poem, I could feel my feet dancing and hear the drums and chanting, reminded me of dancing by a Gypsy fire!
Thank you!
Many blessings, Raven
I Love this. I am a dancer & this went down deep intp my soul!
Excellent!! I just returned from ireland,where i daced up a storm!! dancing is GOOD for the soul!!!


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