The woods were dark when the cars arrived
They parked in the old farmer’s yard
From the cars they unloaded the things for the night
Some, they kept covered to keep out of sight
And I couldn’t see all of it try as I might
For to see in the dark was too hard

They greeted each other with hugs, quiet words
And as one they walked to the wood
Muted laugher was heard, the night’s workings were planned
Despite covert behaviour ‘twas not underhand
But if they had seen me I would have been banned
So I hid behind trees and just stood

The altar was set out on fallen tree trunk
With flowers and incense alight
The candles were lit North, South, East and West
The quarters were called with much vigour and zest
And me? I kept hidden it was quite a test
Not to join them in their secret rite

For this was the night for the Witches to meet
A Sabbat for Pagans to share
The deer in the woods stared with eyes big and bright
But mostly the wary ones ran off in fright
And I stayed where I was and smiled with delight
At the magick abroad in the air

They danced and they chanted long into the night
They shared cakes and ale and some mead
All wrapped in cloaks they conjured a spell
I knew as I watched them that they’d do it well
Not for them a spell kit that some people sell
But an apple some herbs and a seed

Too soon they had gathered and all holding hands
They sang merry meet, merry part
I knew this was time that I’d slip away
I can’t tell you how much I had wanted to stay
But I knew I’d come back on the next Sabbat day
They now had a place in my heart.

And so Witches all as you go to you rituals
Look to your left and your right
If a twig’s heard to snap and the leaves heard to rustle
Stand very still, don’t dare move a muscle
For it could just be me attempting to wassail
Alone in the dead of the night

Ankerwytch 2007

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this is nice, reminds me of my first time listening to the chant, during the next sabbat I might just try to see if someone is curious and may want to join.

Bless be my friend
Wow what a beautiful poem, please keep writting!
AYE! I agree...all dance and enjoy and have the magick everywhere!! i can never just watch!


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