John and I are writing our second book and we are looking at names you would NOT suggest as names for a baby.
Popular stereotypes
Examples: Carrion (rotting flesh) Damien (not great if you are neither Satanist nor Catholic; Christian (if you are not), Titanic (sort of cursed) etc
Bad outcomes in myths/stories:
Osiris, Rhiannon, Electra, Oedipus, Isis, Osiris, Hell, Loki, Romeo, Juliet, Brutus,
Judas etc
In other words, people/deities who struggled and whose names are forever associated with tragedy.

What names would you not want to see used and why?
Would you tempt fate? Has your name (if one of these types) affected you and how?
Thanks so much

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I remember seeing a few in the paper that were horrific. How about Festy, you know, like a festering wound?? LOL
OMG, that's probably the same one I saw in the paper, LOL.
ebony if your surname is burns
I know a kid named Dude, LOL. Wasn't there a guy that was some kind of vicious criminal and he was named Malice? What kind of stupid parents named him that?? Geeez!
There was a standup comic that said orangejello and lemonjello- she was talking about how crazy black people's names are. Cept when she said them, they actually sounded like names heh.
yes...that couple absolutely did...and now the state took at least the boy away from them....let's hear it for social services!!!
I like that rule a lot. I did know someone who had a grandfather named Richard Small,
Now that to me is a dysfunctionak family.
You mean he could end up being nicknamed Dick?

I got a lot of flak 'cause my girl-name when I was pregnant was Dharma Graidhe (pronounced gray). Dharma is the burden/purpose of your life and Graidhe is a lesser grain goddess (Celtic).
That's the rule I used to name my kids. My husband wanted to name my son Stephen Lazelle. It just didn't work. I got that changed to Stephen Anthony. Much better sounding when yelled.
Don't name your kid Tim... my older brother is a Tim... let's see,


I could go on, poor guy has been called so many awful things I can't name them all, he hates it. He is a verrrrrry angry man.
Lets not forget the song "Timothy" by the Boys (1970?) that was supposedly about a boy or horse or pet that they ate - or so the rumors flew *grin*


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