John and I are writing our second book and we are looking at names you would NOT suggest as names for a baby.
Popular stereotypes
Examples: Carrion (rotting flesh) Damien (not great if you are neither Satanist nor Catholic; Christian (if you are not), Titanic (sort of cursed) etc
Bad outcomes in myths/stories:
Osiris, Rhiannon, Electra, Oedipus, Isis, Osiris, Hell, Loki, Romeo, Juliet, Brutus,
Judas etc
In other words, people/deities who struggled and whose names are forever associated with tragedy.

What names would you not want to see used and why?
Would you tempt fate? Has your name (if one of these types) affected you and how?
Thanks so much

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Ouch, forgot about that one... my poor brother, even I've been known to call him timbo.

*mutters* Damn South Park!
I know a woman who wanted to namer her daughter "Latrine"
Do you remember why? That is a really scary one. When a friend told me another friend had named her daughter Carrion I thought I had heard wrong.
She didn't know what it meant and thought it sounded beautiful. She found out the meaning and didn't name her kid that. lol
I've heard of two people named Shithead. One of them pronounced it "SHEE-had" and the other "Shi-THEE-ad". It can't get much worse than that!
Wow - that is rough. Were they foreigners? From what country?
I've heard of a girl named Lucrecia.

I didn't tell her she's named after an ancient roman woman who was raped and then killed herself.
i had a nap and a few other names came to me
what not name your bub
Zuess, theo, Cleopatra, thor,
Actually, Thor is an extremely common name in Scandinavia and Iceland. I've known several Thors...
My friend incorporated Thor into his son's name. I don't know much about norse mythology. why not Thor?
This might help understand Nosre Mythology a little bit.


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