John and I are writing our second book and we are looking at names you would NOT suggest as names for a baby.
Popular stereotypes
Examples: Carrion (rotting flesh) Damien (not great if you are neither Satanist nor Catholic; Christian (if you are not), Titanic (sort of cursed) etc
Bad outcomes in myths/stories:
Osiris, Rhiannon, Electra, Oedipus, Isis, Osiris, Hell, Loki, Romeo, Juliet, Brutus,
Judas etc
In other words, people/deities who struggled and whose names are forever associated with tragedy.

What names would you not want to see used and why?
Would you tempt fate? Has your name (if one of these types) affected you and how?
Thanks so much

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I went to school with a guy whose name was Major Bud Wood when teachers done roll call they said Bud Wood...I don't blame them lol

I knew a girl named Heaven and My father in law's girlfriend has a daughter that goes to school with sister and brother named Mabye and Seven!
oh, i know so many rules it isnt even funny.

1) don't name your kid anything that forshadows possible career choices. (My cousin is Misty Dawn, and my "mother-in-law" was almost going to be cinnamon...please people, all that's open to them is stripping...)

2) nothing that spells anything...(Brittany Speares named her son Preston M(michael i think) Speares...then changed it when people pointed out it spelled PMS...)

3) say the name in spoonerisms(you know, switching the first consonents in the words)...(Brad Pitt named his daughter spoonerises to Piloh Shitt(say it aloud...))

4) Don't name them after where they were have to explain it to them, and they have to explain it to others. yes, i know people named Corvette and things similar.

now just some sad/funny stories i've heard.

Parents yelling at their children...I'm serious.
"Chase! Chase, come back here right now!"
"Charity! Give that back!"
"Chastity, Don't touch that!"

and then just names I've heard.
1) Kash
2) Uhnasty (pronounced *honesty*)
3) Shithead (*Shi-the-eed*)
4) Le-a (*La-dash-a*)
5) Guy (i know i Guy and i adore him, but i still think it's a little weird)
6) I know a Ferris Miles (the middle parts make SMILE)
7) his brother is Simon Bubba
I can't think of any more right now.

of course, i'm one of those horrible parents. I have kind of weird names for my kids picked out.
1) Airek (*Eric*)
2) Kaiel (*Kyle*)
3) Chrystal Faithe
4) Amanda Lynne 'Mealody'
I named my daughter Piper Morrigan, now she's a very loud warrior!!
So far this year I have heard several name that I did not care for.
If anyone on here is named Serendipity,Cherrybomb or Bricken I sincerely apologize!
There is a dentist here in town... Name is.... Dr. D.K. Root... Perfect!! LOL
I guess it could be worse....a guy I work with is named Harry Bottoms. We call him Jay.LMAO
I grew up near the Dick family, who lived on Willis Dick Road. Tracy Dick, a boy, was in my classes. We called him Dick Tracy, which must have been a relief, though he later named his son Richard Green Dick. I went to college with a Vasaline Smith, who insisted it was pronounced 'Vase-ah-lin'. And every new dispatcher gets tricked into running a driver's license number thru the computer, which comes back to an unfortunate Mr. Delicious Peters, of Louisiana.
OMG, I knew a Dick family too! Delbert and Dorothy Dick.. they were missionaries. They had 3 kids, Dean, David and Dixie Dick... LOLOLOL Is Dixie Dick a porn star name or what? I mean really... What were they thinking!?
I saw one in the paper.. Orion Arcane Donald... Okay, I get Orion Arcane, really, I do. But where the f**k did Donald come from??? LOLOL
HI, just passing through and saw the thread.....LOL My daughter is friendly with several girls, and one is named, Demonica. And she is one! She's a holy terror!

I thought of a couple more: chlamydia, syphillis, salmonella( happened in my hometown a few years ago, the parents thought it was a pretty sounding name), unique, maize, and johnathina (again, happened in Oregon)

I enjoy the names I gave my children, Karlee, Brian, Thomas, and Brittany, I went with the names I felt the most comfortable screaming out in public! LOL

My youngest son is named Jordan. When he was little, he had a friend named Michael. Once when we were at the park, they wandered off. Michael's mom and I were running around yelling "Michael!" "Jordan!"... We got the strangest looks... LOL
My Nice by marriage called her girl a boys name cuz she wanted a boy jordan james.. Come on people its a boy call it a boys name vice versa gender neutral names okay..... or names like chastity or objects....


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