how many poeple practice tarot now a days

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Wow iv only just started myself have any advice?.

My advice is to write it all down for future reference. Include the date, cards pulled, the question asked, and any feelings you have about the situation the cards state (how you think it relates to your question)

You would be surprised to know how many times I did a review of the reading, only to see what the cards actually meant...interpretation can be tricky sometimes....especially if you are close to the situation...

I've not come across a deck that suits me yet, Until I do I'm mainly using the Ocean Oracle method of divining.
I use tarot alot my favorite decks are "The Scared Circle" and "The Druid Oracle"
The Scared Circle is easy to use and for my husband and I is more connected to Pagan beliefs in our minds.
The Druid Oracle though speaks to me. I dont have to open the book every time. I can just know what there saying.
The Robin wood deck is another good starter deck in my eyes.

I use the mythic tarot deck.... I find it really easy and the book interpretation to help me understand the cards individually... then I apply it as a story of sorts... usually it tells me what I already know and then adds. I typically use a ten card spread.... the first six cards tell me past and present, and the last four are my 'addition'/prediction 

Almost every Pagan I know has a tarot deck or two. Personally I have the Sacred Circle, Daughters of the Moon and Medicine Cards. Each deck speaks to me in different ways. The Sacred Circle deck is the one I use most often. I wouldn't say that I am an expert or anything, but the deck comes in handy for meditation and simple questions.
I've been doing work with tarot off and on for several years although I'm no where near as proficient as I would like to be. DH is going to get me a new deck for our anniversary...And this one I think, will be the one that I'll most be able to work with as a general deck. Right now I mostly use the Goddess Inspiration Oracle.
I practice the tarot and was very good at it until I had a car accident and now my brain dosn't not like to remember things so well. But I do read for my family and close circle of friends that know of my condition.
Mystikal Summer Starr
I am a Tarot reader, plus I have designed my own deck and layout. :)

I worked with a dragon deck for a long time and had a harder time than I should of had. Turns out that deck is just not suited to me, and my mother thought of me last Yule and gave me a brand new pocket Rider Waite deck. This deck definatly likes me, but I try not to lean on it's use too much. I have a tendency to overdo the Tarot readings a bit. I only really do a deep reading every 3 to 6 months now. Only a smaller reading if I really need some insight on a problem or situation at the time.

I also do readings for people that ask it of me. I don't charge though. The people I tend to read for are down on their luck as it is. I only offer a guiding light to help keep them on their path. But I have never had a problem from anyone if I just didn't get an answer they liked. I hope that's because I explained things proporly.

It had to be the Waite deck for me. My dragon deck never really spoke to me. As soon as I touched my Waite deck, it was talking.

I needed a better grounding in the basics before I go back to the whimsical stuff. Need the concrete stuff right now.

I really enjoy reading Tarot. My favorite deck is the Gilded Tarot. The artwork is so beautiful and really resonates with me.


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