This place can be so negative, what ever happened to the positive?

I just want to state that I am happy today and have nothing to complain about....

How about the rest of you? Lets talk about the good, how are you guys doing today - any plans for this weekend!

Sorry if this post isnt intellectual enough for some of you, but I thought it would be a nice change to lighten things up and break some unwated negativity!


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Hmmm getting no comments..hahaha is everyone really that miserable?

Smile it doesnt hurt, frowning just causes wrinkles..
I'm feeling good, always smiling (well and it's FRIDAY :-) YAY! lol

I am Happy its friday also....Woooohoooooo
I love the weekends!
It is Friday, I got paid this week, and I have managed to pay my bills and still have money leftover... It is a beautiful and gorgeous day today; all in all, today is a most excellent day.
I love when that happens. I got paid today also YAY!!!!!
And it supposed to be beautiful here this weekend....
happy cake day! I'm generally happy on a friday as it's cake day, fudge donut today yummmmm.
YUMMY fudge donuts, now im
I'm a newbie on Paganspace and love that you opened a very positive discussion, being negative is just a waste of energy. Besides ... today is FRIDAY ... yeah!!!!
I am happy that I did also. I hate catching negative vibes, especially from a place that I come to to find friendship. When you get some of that negativity it tends to stick with you for the rest of the day, not good for the Aura :)
witchs ball sounds like a lot of fun .. relax is probably what I will do ... I worked very hard on school work this week so I will relax this weekend
That picture makes me smile:)


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