This place can be so negative, what ever happened to the positive?

I just want to state that I am happy today and have nothing to complain about....

How about the rest of you? Lets talk about the good, how are you guys doing today - any plans for this weekend!

Sorry if this post isnt intellectual enough for some of you, but I thought it would be a nice change to lighten things up and break some unwated negativity!


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i am doing pretty dam good, thanks for asking, as for this weekend work, work and more work, thats life *lol*
Right on my sister. Positive thinking brings Positive thoughts. I stay always positive, no dark side here!

Brightest Blessings!
Thank you Pamwiccan -

I may look like I have a dark side, but I am always positive, even on bad days........
I hear you on that part of staying in more. I usually dont go out that much, but when I do its to places that I really enjoy. I love going to concerts, the energy just from being there is GREAT and a lot of fun. Im a homebody, there is nothing more that I love then cuddling up on the couch with a good book and a good cup of coffee. I stray away from mean people, they always put me in a horrid mood.
Thank you very much Eaglewoman -
I send my blessing and love for your husband and pray for a speedy recovery.
Red dawns do strange things.

I am always happy here.
Fuck the people that are negative. I'm haviing a good day so far. Tonight I'm going swimming and tomorrow I'm painting more of my house. And after that I dunno what me and fiance are going to do. Hope you have a great weekend.

Dark Angel
Well said!!!
Thank you for posting this!!! I do agree... this place (I am rather new) can be REALLY negative....I am Happy today.... there is so much to be grateful, I am grateful and Happy today...

I am on a commissions only contract that is sucking wind due to the Meetings/Event Industry taking a DIVE...and after being forced out of my Casino by a not very nice insecure person; it has taken me months of meditation and mettas to release the extreme resentment towards her and myself for being off balance and not seeing it coming (or not believing)...And since I am not illegally here, or with hundreds of kids...and a bit egotistical as to resigning, and not let her fire me over nothing..I cant collect unemployment in NV, new potential employers tell me I am over qualified and under educated and now must cash in my 401k .... blah blah blah...

How ever, I have to say, I am in a REALLY good place emotionally, once in awhile it gets to me but the time!!!
What a luxury this is!!! has allowed me to delve into spiritual and metaphysical pursuits that were neglected for years!! I have my health, I have a roof (and many more offered) over my head, My soulmate found me(which in itself is scary when you pull cards and they keep saying so)

And I have been able to help a few of friends here in Las Vegas move thru their anger and resentment with loosing their jobs.

A wish to send some clear white energy to you all to boost those who are low and fortify those who are in need!!! And for those who are happy as well... a little extra to keep you smile as you pay bills, fight traffic and enjoy your weekends!!!

Namaste Lisa aka ~~~wl~~~
Thank you WonderLust

I wish you a great weekend also...
Love&Light my Dear Friend
Well, Friday is MY day, normally I do whatever I want but today I actually did some housework, imagine that~! Otherwise, I am happy but I still have to make my ritual trip to the store for my friday six pack of Harp that will last the weekend, three tonight, three tomorrow night, my favorite thing and treat.

I am happy to have found, made many wonderful friends, and regardless of some of the nastiness I remain happy and yet willfull... Blessings of the Day~!
I have no work today and that is a very happy thing for me... I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. :) Keep smiling


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