This place can be so negative, what ever happened to the positive?

I just want to state that I am happy today and have nothing to complain about....

How about the rest of you? Lets talk about the good, how are you guys doing today - any plans for this weekend!

Sorry if this post isnt intellectual enough for some of you, but I thought it would be a nice change to lighten things up and break some unwated negativity!


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I'm good today. My husband and I adopted two homeless kittens. It took a little while, but they are finally using the litter box. They went to the vet this morning and received a clean bill of health. I love animals and I'm sure these two little fluff balls will become wonderful loving members of our family.
I have found some new friends here and that make me happy. Since I have joined this site, I have felt like people here are my family and I've come home.

Now to talk about my day today. I was up all night with the baby, so now I'm tired. It will be a long night at work tonight since I have nothing to do. I can't go home early but that's ok because tomorrow is Saturday and I will be spending the time with my children.
Happy Friday Aras!!!! I'm happy as a clam today, so here's a *hug*n*smooch* from me to you ")

Love and trust,


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