There are forces stearing you that you have no awarness of, most are political forces that you you only have seen a glimmer of. Now today the news is repleate with the stench of a fascist state being brewed in America, and as with all fascist statesthe majority religion will be the dominate to passify the masses.

Read my file and look up a few books and then tell me I am wrong.


Seek out Orion, Child of Fire, The Wise Old Frog, Lucus Roase, and Alex Ansary they will show you the way.

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Listen in and give me feed back. Orion covers this group idea.
I created a group here on Come and join and post! Let's all help one another and at the same time create an online resource for simple living. I think we are all going to need this information very soon!
Very Good Idea, I am on board. I have every military manual and all the traing on the subject of survival. Specializing in medical.
Absolutely! But if you think about it I'm already at that step.
Yikes! This group Are they allied to The new covenant Fellowship?
A very nasty Christian group. They train the boys ten and up in military styled drills teir uniforns are black boots jeans and T-shirts. They actually force girls to learn to cook and sew and to be "cooperative." When their Husband wants them in bed. No sex before marriage. Very weird other wise.
I Don't know if anyone curbed them But I heard they are restricted to Shouting their religious babble but cannot attack patrons of ritual goods Ect
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This may be off topic but I will go more in depth if needed. If you are in the Denver area stay out of the Democratic Covnvention in August. The free speech zone has been solely given to a government infiltrated anarchist group who has swore to cause violence at the DNC. Recreat 68 has won the sole award of the blind lottery to protest the DNC August 24-28 and are trying to cause the police to ingage the peaful protestors.

References: - Alex Jones reported on it today. - There own website - Recreat 68 - Orion's Flash Action Alert 4A

More to come!!!!
One aspect of thesis "The Coming Storm", poorly written I may add since I wrote it, is that the braeking down of the Church State barrier and the funding of the new state religion that IS Christianity by faith based inititives. I have been been the blunt of joke and propaganda by Pagan radio shows for it. I submit to you the following.

I havn't heard anything on here latley must have pitteled out or scared the hades out of everyone.
The Mainstream Media, The Military, The un-informed public

The media acts like it got duped. Well they played along with full knowledge. This has been happening since Operation Mockingbird.


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