Do any of you think animals have spirits and if they do do they visit us? Do you have an Animal Spirit Guide?

I personally believe that all animals pass to the spirit world and waiting for us to join them on the other side. Do I think they visit us of coarse. I have seen them and I have felt them. How about any one else? I would love to here your stories

My animal spirit guide is a dragon. What is yours??

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Well personally every living thing has a spirit, of sorts ....... even broccoli
That is why at Samhain I give thanks for everything that gave up it's life for me ........ the leather for shoes & clothes, the cotton in my T-shirt, the animals and vegetables for my food, the trees for paper and the roof above mt head etc.

My spirit guides ....... some have been with me well before I found my path from childhood, and others come to teach me a lesson then vanish.

My Main Guides are Cat, Eagle, Gargoyle, Scorpion, & Snake

Cat -
Not just any Cat, but a shape-shifting Cat ...... sometimes a Common Tabby, a Cougar, Bobcat, or a Panther he usually speaks to me in dreams or meditation ...... sometimes he shows up physically as a stray cat begging at my front door, I know this because it is usually followed by a drastic change in my life.

Eagle -
When I was a kid, we had a pair of eagles that would fly over my house ..... then again when I lived outside of Killeen Texas, there were Eagles that would fly over my house then, I was also going to college then .... the Eagle seems to show up when I am attending school or studying something new. It shows up in reality as well as in dreams.

Gargoyle -
This one I have a 2 foot tall representation of next to my bed ..... he has a pierced eyebrow, lip, and all my spiritual necklaces are draped around his neck. I have had him a long time, he is my protector. When I feel insecure or am in danger he warns me in dreams.

Scorpion -
Well I am a Scorpio ....... it is a power symbol for me and represents me in dreams sometimes. I also have the Egyptian Goddess Serqet come to me in meditations ..... she has come to me, paired with Maat when I have been wronged, needed protection, or when I was going through my divorce.

Snake -
Usually comes in Meditations, seldom in dreams unless I have been too busy with life and neglecting to meditate. He is usually a Cobra or Giant Python and speaks with a horse voice that echoes in my head. He is a teacher and shares knowledge or steers me into the right direction when I have a big decision to make. He speaks in riddles, giving me clues and he doesn't just hand me what I want to know he helps me to develop my intuition and asks that I think to find the answers ...... In real life I am afraid of snakes unless they are under glass at the zoo ...... but then I feel sorry for them.

Animal messengers that have come and gone from my life

I once had an Ostrich ........ We were having weekly classes at my old circle and we always went out for coffee afterward ..... they had one of those claw games by the front door and one of the guys won an ostrich and gave it to me ...... well I gave it to a friend's kid when they visited me ....... the following week he won another ostrich, so this time I looked up the meaning of an ostrich and yes it fit my life at the time.

Butterfly - this one comes whenever I am transitioning like when I was going through my divorce, and especially when I started college ....... they swarmed me and landed on my knee, shoulder, and all over me while I was outside having a smoke break between classes ........... they only landed on me and while I was smoking, I thought they didn't like smoke.

I know I've had others but those are all I can think of right now ...... it's late

Blessings, Cat =^o^=
IMO anything, that experiences any form of consciousness has a spirit, as it is my belief, and experience, that the Miracle of consciousness and the spirit are one in the same.
I agree ....... "anything, that experiences any form of consciousness has a spirit"
I like that. I think the reason many people don't consider plants is because we can't interact with them like animals, but if you play music and talk sweetly to them, they grow better so that tells me they have a spirit same as all living things.

Blessings, Cat =^o^=
This is why Jains don't eat potatoes or any root vegetables - this is the lowest form of consciousness for them. I lived with a Jain (real one from India) and he was the most ecologically unsound person I've ever met - he'd go back to India for a few weeks and leave the lights on, and had a fridge in his own room as the communal fridge had meat in it. He made no connexion between leaving the lights on and having his own fridge in his room and being environmentally unfriendly. I find his level of awareness very odd indeed!
I think they do. Animals are very intelligent creatures, probably more so than people at times.. and I like Cat High's Samhain tradition. That's a very good idea and I think I'm going to start doing it. :-)
Thanks, I actually celebrate 3 nights of Samhain

Night 1 Oct 30th, is Thanksgiving for all the blessings I have received during the year. Giving thanks for all the plants & animals that died to give me food, shelter, clothing etc. Honoring my personal deities (without asking for anything)

Night 2 Oct 31st, is a funeral for all who have passed during the year, & a wake, as well as honoring my ancestors, meditation and talking to my Mom (she died when I was 16).

The 3rd Night Nov 1st, is for celebrating the New Year, making plans for the coming months, magical workings (spellwork etc.) and doing divination for the next few months, as well as a full year tarot spread.

Blessings, Cat =^o^=

I believe that animals are more sacred than we are, because they do not have ill will, nor are they tormented by evil temptations. They only serve their young, and work to survive. What they do not know is that they inspire us, and their spirits move on after their death to a pleace of human understanding, while still maintaining their earthly shapes and behavioral qualities.

A lion is fierce, and dominant. Would make a great spirit guide for a career woman...etc.

I find great comfort and inspiration from animal spirituality.:)
I agree with Julie.
When we, my two dogs and I ,had to part with cat Sasha because her nearly 22 years had taken their toll on her, we felt that her spirit was still with us. Even now, after two years we know whenever she comes back to visit. I can only feel this, but notice each time that my dogs see her.
Years ago I lost a cat after he was severely hurt. Mister Whiskers had the habit to sleep on the foot end of my side of the bed. Usually during the night he had to go out for his busines, came back inside and jumped again onto his spot. After he was euthanized I was very griefed and cried constantly. The third night I woke up and felt him again on his spot, then jumping down to go out. I followed and only when I opened the door I realized that he was not there as a cat, but visited from the other side to console me. My husband asked and I told him: "Mister Whiskers came back to say goodbye"w
Of course they do~!
When I was young and "hard" to my studies I shouted "No" to this question. I was sure of it. Spritual developent was not an ideal that I embraced. I only associated souls with creatures that had "self awerness" and it could not be proven that Foo foo the cat had self awarness.

But my definition of spirit and soul has changed so much over the years that I "feel" I understand more now. Maybe just more pliable. I don't know.

I agree with coyote rides again on this one now. Anything that has a consciousness has a spirit of sorts. It emits a magnetic field caused by the electricity in its neural pathways and something that we cannot measure or detect with our instruments binds this energy in a type of form long after the body is dead, perhaps for eternity.


Chalice MacGrayland

Oh and the second question... I do not have a spirit guide. I do however have an animal totem. Sigwa, The wild boar.
I believe animals have spirits. They have feelings like we do so why not. I think it would make sense. As for visiting us I don't think animals could do that.
Every thing on this planet has a spirit! There is nothing saying we weren't an animal in a previous life or even going into our next. We don't always get born back into a human shell. We thank the Goddess for everything she has and will give us and when she does honour us with those gifts, we bless them and thank them for coming into our lives.

You can't honestly look into another creatures eyes and not see a spirit/soul in there or even a tree, a flower, a fallen leaf or even a cotton ball.

I think my animal spirit guide is a large dog prolly a Golden Retriever as we have a "ghost dog" who goes wherever I go! (I believe my human spirit guide is a woman named Elizabeth. When she comes around, I smell roses and white roses draw me in!)


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