Obama's this, McCain's that...we seem to be screwed...

...either way we look at it.

Where does all this stuff come from? I watched all 3 debates...all 3 of them...never once was any of this birth certificate stuff mentioned, unless I watched the wrong channel. I watch the news every night, I haven't heard a whisper about it, again, unless I watched the wrong channel.

Don't we think that if Mr. Obama wasn't a legal citizen, he would not have made it thus far already, and to run for the highest office in our country? I think that if his citizenship were an issue, it would've been addressed long before now and he would not be a candidate for presidency of our United States. Seriously.

Apparently, there is a dislike for this candidate here, and to each his/her own, whether it be because of the candidate himself, his name, his color of skin, or the party he represents, but if we're not voting for the candidate we "like" (yes, that is a reference to a post in another discussion), then what the hell are we voting for really?

I certainly don't want a president as aged as Mr. McCain, who could pass on and leave us all with...MRS. PALIN. She is a phony, a cheat, and a liar. Not to mention, the republicans go on and on about how much money is being wasted here and how they are going to help the poor and middle class, and yet they spend $150,00 on a freakin' dress for her? What does that tell y'all?

As far as I'm concerned, there is no lesser of the two evils. I have no idea who I am going to vote for, because they both talk a good game, but in the end which one will actually do all they've promised before they were put into office? And as we've all seen in past elections, once they're in, the promises are gone.

I am not one that is politically minded, nor do I want to be. I watch the debates, I watch the news, I read what has been written here in discussions and elsewhere, I try to stay informed. There is an entire discussion about Obama's Crimes, then there is another about McCain's Crimes. Then there is a whole lot of bashing about each candidate that ensues, and I felt the need to write this here because I felt like another member of paganspace did...I'm sick of the bashing, of the smear campaigns because this person likes one candidate over another and will do anything they can to sway you to their side.

I got disgusted with the whole campaign early on because of the smear campaigns on both party's sides when they started it. All I want is the facts of what EACH CANDIDATE WILL DO for us and our country when elected. And some of the stuff I've been reading is reaching ludicrous levels.

And, as a final note...I did not like Hilary Clinton early on, I didn't trust her, but now she's looking better and better and I think that may have been Obama's only mistake...or ours for not putting her in his place.

Peace to you all.

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Exactly my point. And if this were such and issue, wouldn't Hawaii readily hand over the proof and put an end to all this so-called speculation?
I can't wait until Wednesday; imagine what the response would be if there was a revision that said that parties could only pick their candidates sixty days out and allow them to campaign for fifty days (Allow for one day per state), it feels like this process has taken over two years -- How many people would be in favor of that ?
Hear, Hear!
As I said...they ALL talk a good game...but in the end, they're ALL the same.


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