The drum is a sacred instrument. How do YOU use it as your magickal tool? What are your perceptions of its magickal associations (i.e. elemental, gender, archetypal, connections with specific deity)? How do you incorporate it into your magickal practice? Let's share our thoughts.

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I use my drum as a way to raise energy.(as well as many other reasons) The drum spirit is a strong one I feel. I feel a connection to the people in the drumming circle then it seems to reach out in a circle to the whole world.
For me, my drums have become not only a form of self expression, but a form of ecstatic movement that leads to some deep meditation. I have never been very good at sitting still and quiet to form my visualization while meditating. The movement and repetition of the beat take me away and send me into a form of trance that leads me out of body.

When I am playing amongst a group and we get a good rhythm going, I am no longer home-something else takes over, and I can only describe it as a melding of energy taken over by the dynamic of the whole. I am no longer aware of myself playing a drum, the only thing that exists is the rhythm-it almost becomes the entire universe-for there is no longer any physicality and only the rhythm that swells and repeats and envelops everything. A friend of mine calls it ENTRAIN. I see colors, and can sense the energies that surround me. I become aware of changes in that energy, such as when someone else enters the circle and what their energies are like.

For me the drum is a representation of the heart that beats within us all-when in a circle-that beat/rhythm is a reset-as everyone there becomes adjusted to that rhythm. It represents the heartbeat of the Goddess and it is the rhythm of all things living and energetic.
I'm much like Nianna Ambriel here.

I get lost in it when the rhythm is going well. My drumming isn't very good yet, but I'll get there one day. I play a dumbek and an ocean drum.
Oh they all go together. The ankle bells(the ones the size of sleigh bells) can be strapped onto the ankles or even shaken with the hands. If you are having problems keeping rhythm with your hands-the feet can work so well, they can tap, they can kick, stomp, jump, skip, whatever you want them to do-they are just as capable of making that joyful noise that honors the Gods as any set of hands-voice is also a good instrument. I have known people that have no ability or affinity for the drum add so much to a drum circle by rhythmically humming, intoning, and letting their mouth and lungs make their music-even when the words made no sense. Very similar to speaking in tongues-the intention comes from the spirit and the Gods recognize meaning without the need for language. Other outlets that I have seen used with great depth are flutes, whistles, mouth harps-it is all a matter of finding that instrument/vessel that expresses you the best. Perhaps the drum does not suit your need for expression-the proper vessel will find you, if you don't find it first!

And yes, DANCE DANCE DANCE-that is an INTEGRAL part of the play of sacred rhythm-the drum, the dancer, the fire, in the fire circle, all are necessary to keep it going. The energy of the fire feeds the drum, and the energy of the drum beat feeds the dancer, and the dancer is that conduit that projects the drums energy back to the fire and the fire energy back to the drum. Perhaps the dance is your vessel-strap those bells on and shake those hips and feet woman!
Any time, Lady! I look forward to seeing and hearing you there!
And yes, please do sing whether with words or tones or just letting your voice choose the melody -- the goddesses and gods love it and the energy in the circle can really grow with the addition of a voice.
Yes There is a greater amount of energy! I am a belly Dancer and Drummer and from each perspective is a wonderful union. anything you feel like playing becomes magical when you add to the energy. I am glad we have a union here of Dance and Drum circles something would be missing for me if we didn't.
Have you seen the movie "Happy Feet"? It is a story of a penquin who is born without the ability to sing, but instead he is blessed with the ability to dance. The rhythms that he can do with his feet are pretty remarkable, and end up saving his species (it is an animated movie for children, so yes it has an unbelievably happy ending, but still it is a good story). So - yes there are all kinds of things that you can do with your feet. However, you can also bell your hips and use them for rhythm work, and don't forget your elbow, shoulders, chest (bells on a vest), jinglies on a skirt..... whatever you can think of to make noise in celebration of what your body is feeling.

Hello Laura here, a Plagiarizing Pirate from Viking Camp. My thoughts on sacred instruments is simple We are all connected as one. weather I'm playing a drum or using vibration in my mind, the energy (Spirit), comes from within and flows out. Drums have the same capability to send there energy from within flowing out. I have many drums and they all have their own unique universal energy. When chosing a Drum to be used as a magical tool I use the same principals as preparing for Ritual. I respectfully atune my intention of use with the will of the drum. Sometimes the answer is no. Not because the drum won't sound good, but because the drum is not in accord with the Intention. In most case's just like a shadow of doubt in a belief you wont see the desired result. I thank the drum and move on to find the One. It is easy to know when you have found the right drum just like your very personal wand the energy from just touching it sparks and before you know it you are melding and soaring in a cone of power. The drum in the pic of me was made from a salad bowl and vase. My boyfriend Ed felt there energy and there cries to be together. As one they resound like an angel. As for their gender? Male and Female united. Divine
Wow, that sounds AMAZING!!!!! I can only imagine what it can do for the Chakras.
I'll just bet that we can get enough drummers to pull it off. We would have to check with, Sean, Seaweed, and the gang to see if they have some time in their itinerary to squeeze something like this in, but I would be that they would be game. I could check around with the majority of them to see if they would be interested-I think that most of them would really get into the tunnel idea. I would be happy to participate in something like this, as long as I were not on my Guardian shift at the time.

I know Sean is in this group-Sean, whaddya think??????? Do you think the drummers @ FPG would be interested in this and do you think that there is room in your performance schedule for this????? Let's hear from ya!
I have several different drums that I use for different purposes. And ues, they all have names :).
I have one *(DomBek) that I use for meditation
I have one that I use for story telling, because that is a type of magic all it's own (*Bohdran)
My other main drum is a is my primary spiritual/magical/religious tool.It is my constant compainion. and I use For everything you can think of, sonic smudge, it is my horse for shamanic jounry work and my primary tool for healing.
I believe that I could do away with all the other trappings and "powerphanalia" and just use this drum.

- Hawk

P.S. I personally envision the divine male and female powers as a drummer and a dancer.


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