There are some things that happen in this world that I probably shouldn't know about. They devastate me and wound me to my very soul. I always think that I am a strong woman, but at times like these, I know I am as fragile as a newly hatched sparrow.

I read the news story about the mentally handicaped Illinios woman, 6 months pregnant, who was tortured and burned and beaten and shot with BB's, denied food and water and, health care.... Her shattered spirit finally gave up and she left this world. This, ALL at the hands of people whom she thought were her freinds. And to top it all off, the women responsible enlisted the help of their children, as young as 12 years old, to systematically abuse this tortured soul until she gave up and died. The coroner's report said her immune system just finally gave up.... I believe her spirit could no longer hold on to hope of rescue.

I could not sleep last night... Thoughts of what she went through, her pain and fear, her 1 year old child's life also hanging in the balance, how she must have feared, not only for her own life, but the lives of her children. She had infected wounds over much of her body, the coroner found over 30 BBs embedded in her flesh. What kind of sick, demented, twisted individual could perpetrate such a heinous crime? It would be easier for me to say they were inhuman animals.... Animals are kinder. Perhaps monsters? But monters aren't real. They were, sadly enough, our fellow human beings. This was not done out of ignorance. It wasn't the result of a political faction. It was pure, unadulterated human evil....

Finally, I spent time visuallizing this poor soul and her unborn baby being held in the loving arms of the Goddess, with good food and beautiful gowns (did I mention the burned all her clothes?) and a beautiful castle to live in. I asked the Goddess take them to the Summerlands and to mete out the appropriate vengeance on her killers. ONLY then was I able to go to sleep....

How do you cope in the face of such evil? I sometimes think it would be better not to know. I wish I were stronger and this horrific knowledge did not devastate me so.... I want my rose colored glasses back. I want to think this is a beautiful world again... HOW do you cope??

Peace Lily

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The sadness and pain of this story sends us a message of the need and requirement for each and every one of us to CARE and NURTURE the turmoil within and without. I think I WILL remove "The rose colored glasses" and I do matter the offense making a JUDGEMENT serves no one. I am not talking of judicial justice...that is thiers!! I may anger some but I choose to give or send healing through love and compassion. MUST be an awful lot of PAIN inside thier heart to inflict this much pain!! SO SAD
I believe she was basically held captive and had no where else to go.They took her AFDC checks as well. As I said, they burned her clothes. And she was mentally handicapped with, as the story said, "a child-like mind". As such, she probably didn't have the mental capacity to fight back. She also had a 1 year old child there, she may have been afraid of retaliation against that child had she fought back.

But I do agree, Judy, as hard as it is to do, that I am trying to NOT hate the perps of this horrible crime, especially the children. I do believe the Goddess watches out for her own and Universal justice will be served, whether in this life or later. The evil in the hearts of the perpetrators HAS to have a root somewhere, ei, only a truly mangeled soul could have done this.

It makes me wonder, did anyone else know and NOT step in? Gods, I hope not. THAT would make the tragedy even worse.

Peace Lily
Yes, D.C. I agree with you. I have been trying not to dwell on it or I get weepy. It just is very painful for me to realize the horrors that exist in this world. And very frightening, I worry about those I love... I wish, sometimes, I were not SO sensitive and intuitive to this sort of evil, it just devastates my soul. And it takes time to recover, as well.

I am not exactly sure what you are saying July?? I am sorry if my post offended you. It was such a traumatic experience for me, I felt I needed to post about it. I am sorry if you are ill but I must say I share your feelings. This sort of thing just gets in me and digs at me and, I too, feel ill about it. It will linger as darkness in my spirit until I can get it cleared. I am working on that now. Blessings of healing to you, as well.

Peace Lily
Yes as much as All our hearts break over the cases of brutality and fear I feel...I must never give up in the belief that love conquers the intent called evil and it out weighs it a thousand fold! I will always hope and pray for a better tomorrow !! Love is the only way I choose to heal and it DOES start with me!!
IN order to truly evaluate my intentions I MUST be willing to look deep within my psyche and recognize those shadows which carried me in FEAR or PAIN!!! I could put a mask over them and say..."NOT my fault or ask the Gods WHY" but the bottom line is ALWAYS digging deeper within and the answers ARE ALWAYS within reach!" Knock and the door will open"...IS my way!! Look within and when you are authenic in you search for SELF all else falls into place!!
I am blessed and I am grateful!!!
I have to say that I agree that there are real monsters out in this world, and sadly those are the ones that 'we' need to be afraid of... Preying on those that they can get their hooks into, and in general just taking all they can from life (And from others' lives).

It deeply pains me to read this sort of story and similar stories... I am almost driven to tears when I think of the pain that people inflict on others, and the overall brutality that 'we' are at times capable of. Sometimes I think that there will be some sort of breaking point in which people as a whole will see these sort of acts and it will create some sort of conscious effort to make them better, but most of the time when I think that we have reached some sort of limit on all of this, it is shattered and we hit some sort of new low.

Then when it comes times to 'punish' those responsible for these acts, is there any punishment that can make up for the harm that they have caused others or the damage that they have inflicted. Spiritually speaking is the harm caused by all of this capable of being healed ?

I am not sure that I truly cope with all of this Lily; aside from saying that I make it a point to go out and be someone that will do my best not to hurt others, and to do my best to be someone that can provide hope and strength in other people's lives. What other way is there to counter the 'dark' in our society then to try and be a stronger 'light' in it ?
Thanks all for your replies! I appreciate it so much. I understand the thought of "real monstors" but I guess my thought is passing it off as "monsters" lets us, as human beings, off the hook. As in, "The people who did this are monsters, NOT human being like we are." It helps remove us from resonsibility, maybe?

I too, wonder if the father of her children was also a perp. I just pray her living child finds their way into a loving, caring, healing family and can overcome this horror.

Peace Lily
Coming from a social work background I get asked alot how I deal with these types of horror stories, some of which I've had to be actively part of cleaning up before. All I can say is that it helps to be pagan. I recognize the background factors, the psychological factors, and the horror stories of their own that lead to the brutality of her captors, even though that doesn't lessen the way it sickens me, and I understand we all have seeds of violence and destruction within us, but being an Appalachain witch this type of horrific act still spells evil to me. And evil at least I was taught to deal with. You cleanse it, you protect against it, you fight against it when necessary, and in ultimate cases like this, you can hand it over to the justice of the Goddess, and be assured Her justice you can count on.

But you can also be assured that She will take this woman and that child straight in Her Mother arms and heal her with love and peace. She is vengeance and She is the Mother, and justice and healing are all contained within Her. As Mother Earth we see her take ugly nasty things and take them over with Her vines and plants until they are part of Her and beautiful again. As the Sea we see Her cleanse whatever is needful and leave nurturing and cleansing so the renewal can start again. As Moon we feel Her healing touch that turns the whole world to silver light and mystery. As nature recovers from disaster, we can recover too. There are cycles of destruction and pain and death, but also cycles of growth and love and abundance. In the end, from a distance life is a dark and light tapestry that makes a beautiful whole. Its just hard to see it sometimes when you're close up to the terrible parts.
Thank you, Aphrodite! That was beautiful and very healing to me. I needed to step back and place the whole thing in the hands of the Goddess. Thanks!
Peace Lily
I will leave it in the hands of the Goddess, but i am also going to let her know what I think would be fitting,

My rose colored glasses were shattered long ago. Stories such as this always sadden me to the very core of my being. There is horrible evil and depravity in this world which seems to be ramping itself up more and more. I often find myself wondering what magnitude of pain was inflicted on someone to bring them to act out such evil acts. As for coping? There are always two sides to every coin. As much unspeakable evil as there is in this world, there are also acts of great kindness and love. I can't ignore all of the evil, but I can choose to focus on the good which sadly enough, doesn't seem to be nearly as newsworthy as unspeakable evil. As childishly optimistic as it may sound, I do believe individuals can make a difference on a larger scale. Every small act of random kindness that we can do for someone else, is like throwing a rock into a pond creating ripples that reach farther than the rock could ever know.

You deal with evil like you deal with every other problem in life. You accept it in the manner that it exists, will always exist, and it brings about balance. Then you work toward solutions, if you're in the situation to help such a person. The strong are always going to prey on those they think are weak. Not every strong person will prey on the weak and abuse their power, but it will certainly continue to be the darker side of human nature.


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