There are some things that happen in this world that I probably shouldn't know about. They devastate me and wound me to my very soul. I always think that I am a strong woman, but at times like these, I know I am as fragile as a newly hatched sparrow.

I read the news story about the mentally handicaped Illinios woman, 6 months pregnant, who was tortured and burned and beaten and shot with BB's, denied food and water and, health care.... Her shattered spirit finally gave up and she left this world. This, ALL at the hands of people whom she thought were her freinds. And to top it all off, the women responsible enlisted the help of their children, as young as 12 years old, to systematically abuse this tortured soul until she gave up and died. The coroner's report said her immune system just finally gave up.... I believe her spirit could no longer hold on to hope of rescue.

I could not sleep last night... Thoughts of what she went through, her pain and fear, her 1 year old child's life also hanging in the balance, how she must have feared, not only for her own life, but the lives of her children. She had infected wounds over much of her body, the coroner found over 30 BBs embedded in her flesh. What kind of sick, demented, twisted individual could perpetrate such a heinous crime? It would be easier for me to say they were inhuman animals.... Animals are kinder. Perhaps monsters? But monters aren't real. They were, sadly enough, our fellow human beings. This was not done out of ignorance. It wasn't the result of a political faction. It was pure, unadulterated human evil....

Finally, I spent time visuallizing this poor soul and her unborn baby being held in the loving arms of the Goddess, with good food and beautiful gowns (did I mention the burned all her clothes?) and a beautiful castle to live in. I asked the Goddess take them to the Summerlands and to mete out the appropriate vengeance on her killers. ONLY then was I able to go to sleep....

How do you cope in the face of such evil? I sometimes think it would be better not to know. I wish I were stronger and this horrific knowledge did not devastate me so.... I want my rose colored glasses back. I want to think this is a beautiful world again... HOW do you cope??

Peace Lily

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..enjoyed your response.

why  not hate the  people who did this to,  in essence, an innocent?  why  are  we  not allowed to have this emotion about situations  like this?  i figure  it's pretty damn healthy  to feel this way.  eventually  the heart heals and  you  move  on. the anger  flows  into other emotions.   i've learned there is balance  in all things, we can't  just  love  all the time. we can try, but  in the end, we are  human. we hate,  we  love,  we  hurt and we heal. 

   there is a VAST difference between a court  of  JUSTICE & a  court  of  LAW. 

i lost  my glasses  of  multiple colors long ago and far away. i think i am better  for it, wiser.   and  yet still there is  innocence within because  i refuse  to give it  up. 

   you'll find your way eventually, after  you've  cried the tears  she may not have been able to.  there are  monsters among us, those  of us who are  not should try to help where we can.  make the world that smidge  better when we  leave than it was when we  got here.  you see?

I know a few mentally disabled people I am friends with, and I wouldn't be nice to anyone who would torture innocent people. A Lead-Enema serving ,equivalent to the required daily calorie intake, not to exceed the DV% of lead, would help to remedy the situation.

I wrote this post about six years ago, lol. And I haven't been on paganspace in years!


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