Hi everyone,

I have been going through a re-birthing, so to speak. After years of being solitary I have been going to a woman's circle for the past little while. The thing that I would like to discuss is this: since I have been going I have had this intense knowing inside me to cut my hair off. I have felt myself with a buzz cut and it feels like I would be shedding a part of myself....a part of my ego. I have had the same long hair for years and years. It really is amazing to me how much a part of ourselves is invested in our hair. Women out there....imagine yourself with a buzz cut. It would take 'ego' out of the equation in a way as we all like to look our best. I don't know if I am looking for validation to do this here or if it should stay in the knowing place, and see it as symbolic of a new dedication to the Goddess....guess that's it for now. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Blessed be

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Would it be ego or more of making a statement of sorts of expression... Does short hair make a woman any less feminine or for that matter less of a woman ? I think it is only natural that at times or moments that a person is feeling a sense of re-birth that they would alter their appearance to be more in line with how they felt which direction they were headed in.
Sin, that was really beautifully said and I thank you for your input. That is what it feels like to me, like a new beginning, a releasing of the old, renewed dedication, freedom.

Dave, I do not think it is about my femininity. Although I understand your comment. I do not know if I would feel less feminine. I have never had short hair. It is strange the feelings inside coming from this decision, it is way different than going to get my hair cut. But perhaps my confusion about this has a lot to do with whether I will be judged for doing this....I am already pretty out there for most people in this small village that I live in, I can just imagine the gossip. Even though I say that I don't care what people think....and usually this applies, for some reason though, this is different. If I do this, then I will probably just grow my hair back as it has no other purpose than the symbolic moment of release.

Peter....you are hilarious! lol

Thank you everyone for your responses.
Britany Spears....yes, I remember that. I really feel for that girl, I hope she finds peace beyond the manipulations and constraints put upon her from the press, friends and probably family.
EXcellent point once again, Sin; everyone can say what all they want to about the poor child, and I myself am not a fan, but I am a woman who's been through some shit in my own life (although having too much money and gorgeousness was never the issue), and I'm a mother who's lost something precious, and lost whatever innocence I might have been said to have long ago. When she did that, I too saw her need to get rid of something. Evolving human to evolving human, I hope Britney gets on top of her stuff, I really do, if only to prove all the jackasses wrong, including me.
I can see the symbolism in re-birth in doing so and think its a great idea. But you must ask your self if its for other reason other then re-birth first. Most Native American's believe that a womans hair is her power and it should never be cut. But its all up to you, the symbolism and what your heart is telling you and that is all that matters in the end. One must listen to their heart for it is the soul of joy. I would also advise you to meditate one this matter, before you make the choice of doing so. That way you can do it without looking back and begin your journey of re-birth of your new life.
Interesting question, about the re-birth first. I will definately meditate on that one!
I also found it interesting about the Native Americans believing about the power in a woman's hair, I totally believe that. Especially since facing this becoming in me. Knowing myself as I do, I know that I could not get it cut until I was absolutely sure, then I would just go do it. I am already feeling the 'mourning' of it...

Thank you.
Good Morning

If it was just a matter of needing a change, I would just change something, like hair dye. It is not that I need a change. Let me rephrase that. I am in change. Tell me Aroon, if you had been involved in a circle and then the next morning you 'saw' in your minds eye yourself with your hair cut off, felt it throughout your entire being and for the entire day and then days following, you felt this knowing...would you just go dye your hair to make a change?? I don't think so. I realize the importance of the hair, but I also realize that it is a very personal decision, I can't explain it any clearer than that. I really appreciate and would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, and in the end....it all comes back to me. As it should be.

Blessed be
That is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing that Sin. :)))

Hair has been a symbol of women's power, all over the world, back into prehistory, so the grooming, the styling, and cutting of your hair - all these are powerful acts. If you crave this - shearing away your long hair as part of your transition from solitary to circle - I think you should go for it - I believe you are feeling an ancient urge....

Women often cut off their hair to mark a great change in their life - for example:
This is ritualized by some catholic women when they make their perpetual vows (permanent vows) when joining a religious order of sisters/nuns. Buddhist nuns (and monks) also cut their hair.
In some traditional Jewish sects, women cut off their hair when they marry.
In ancient texts, rules around slaves included the shaving of the head when a female slave gained her freedom - starting clean, as it were.

In my own experience, I had very long hair when I was in my early 20s. I had a boyfriend at the time, and as the relationship soured, I began to have this irresistible craving to cut my hair - myself, not at the hairdresser -- I cut it progressively shorter and shorter until at last it was almost buzzed - this was also the point at which I finally got up the guts to end the relationship.
Once I was free, my heart began to mend, and I let my hair grow back. But the symbol of cutting my own hair has remained with me for almost 20 years now -- it marked the first time as an adult that I took control of my life and ended an unhealthy state and entered one of self-esteem and growth.
The picture I added here is from Hallowe'en 2007 - I'm in a witch costume of course! But that's my hair now.
All that to say - go for it -- the physical change will not fail to solidify the changes you're making in your spiritual life!
I did a buzz cut years ago, not to the scalp but pretty close. It was very refreshing. Summer before last I cut off hair that was to my waist to my shoulders. I donated that to Locks of Love. I just went back and had it cut in a short bob. There was enough again to donate to Locks of Love. I agree that it is very like shedding skin.

We do invest a lot of our sense of self in our hair I think. Some believe that hair is a psychic attennae. I think it's just hair. I am not less powerful with short hair. Matter-of-fact the women of the 1920s cutting their hair was actually a symbol of taking charge of themselves and in that there is power.

I just hate to spend money to get my hair cut and even though I have two dear friends who I know will (and have) cut it for me I hate to ask all the time. So it gets long until I can't stand it any longer. This last time I had been wanting it cut for some time and after spending Spring Break home with the kids and my hair piled on top of my head I couldn't take it anymore. When I got paid I got my hair cut lol!
I have been thinking of doing the same for a long time. Sometimes after I cut my husband and sons' hair, I hold the clippers in my hand and just...think about taking the clippers to my scalp. The urge is strong, but I shake it off and move on. Maybe the urge is a calling for rebirth. My family likens it to the urge to touch a hot pot to see if it's really hot. LOL. Who knows.

My hair is my strength. In my culture, hair is a really big thing. To cut my hair would be paramount to defacing a sacred object. So I let it grow and keep it in a swinging ponytail. Good luck to you and your choice.
I say do what your soul tells you to do. I change my hair so often it doesn't ever stand a chance of getting long. If anything it gets shorter and shorter. My hair hasn't been "long" since I was seven and my mother cut it short since I wanted to play softball and "long hair doesn't work in sports"---ponytail? It never really grew very long after that. Now I get bored and that's the first thing I hack off to facilitate a change within. Sometimes seeing change on the outside helps me to see what is needed on the inside. Do I make any sense at all? Probably not...anyhoo...my proverbial two cents worth...
Blessings & Peace )0(


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