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I have been going through a re-birthing, so to speak. After years of being solitary I have been going to a woman's circle for the past little while. The thing that I would like to discuss is this: since I have been going I have had this intense knowing inside me to cut my hair off. I have felt myself with a buzz cut and it feels like I would be shedding a part of myself....a part of my ego. I have had the same long hair for years and years. It really is amazing to me how much a part of ourselves is invested in our hair. Women out there....imagine yourself with a buzz cut. It would take 'ego' out of the equation in a way as we all like to look our best. I don't know if I am looking for validation to do this here or if it should stay in the knowing place, and see it as symbolic of a new dedication to the Goddess....guess that's it for now. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Blessed be

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Hair has been a part of several (I would say many but I am not sure how many) religions the world over. It like other things contains the energy of our life. Each measure of hair is a measure of us. Like the rings in a tree it shows what we have gone through during that time of our lives. In at least one old culture those of the religious caste stopped cutting their hair when they were accepted into the order. I myself had let my hair grow to my waist. The day I stepped down from my coven I had it chopped off. It was symbolic to me that I was letting the past go. While I do think longer hair is attractive on either sex, I think that the person inside walking true to their emotions is much more important. Hair will regrow. *laughs* except for guys my age.... then it tends to thin faster than grow.
sarry, my hair is my strength, if I want it short I simply pull it up, think about it in all the pictures and statues we have of the Goddess , is her hair short? hair is a symbol of her beauty , thus the beauty of woman, it is suductive, it is flowing as all things that flow from the mother with each strand, each strand to me represents different energys given to us as woman, and if you are 'gifted' I would say dont do this. I think in reality you will be very displease once you have done this find another way. just my thoughts. BB Fantum


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