We've heard many times about being secretive and were told not to tell anyone about our beliefs.
Is this still applying now, 2007?

Throw some thoughts!


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I've been reading all the replies, I'm really excited to know many of us have experienced similar situations.
Sometimes it is good to be prudent and stay in the shadows, sometimes it is good to be proud and express yourself without fear.
I live in Costa Rica, and when I started learning astrology, about 10 years ago, I was told not to tell anyone.
Now, after all those movies (Eragon, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Pirates movies, etc.), everyone wants to become a magician, know about astrology, angels, old religions, almost everyone that I know has or had a tarot cards deck, and love talking about paranormal and magical experiences. It has become trendy, it is "in", but I think this change of attitude it's purely influenced by Hollywood.

Many people influenced by those movies want to know more as it is "in", but a lot of them don't even know how to meditate, how to interpret an astral chart, how to perform a ritual without disturbing the other world. I think we have privileges that our ancestors gave us, that's what they'll never understand. That is the secret that I was told to keep. My father, grandmother, etc they were all involved in the old ways, but they never told me, I had to find it out.

Now I can't really hide about my religion, but I can't tell everyone (or don't feel like doing it) what kind of rituals I perform, etc.

Thanks for all your comments! I'll keep reading.

Blessed be!
I know someome TRIED totake my Son away Good thing I was smarted enough to trap there butts and catch them by there balls with my sharp claws make them yell uncle...

Silly fools they admit there hate crime :) did not know it was a crime LOL

That's why I think we need to be better educate the public . Or as I learn before money talks bullshit walks SUE SUE SUE! This is the day age of cameras use 'em I did!
Why should we loose our families our strength in numbers..... We enver sutrrive with out our familes...

United we stand divided we will continue fall!

I do keep my faith some what under wraps......

We need to get in power or, least have some powerful postions in soicety and get strong communitys going so we dont get as discrimniated agaist as well as remain strong with each other.
Untill tihs happens; expect to be treated like a 2nd class citizen.
I don't agree with keeping our beliefs secret. But in some circumstances others don't need to know what we are doing during our rituals, etc... either. I wouldn't tell many people what I do, specifically, during blot or sumbel... though I can give them a general idea about what each is. I think it should be left up to each individual as to what they are going to tell, but I would think that most would want to keep their most personal experiences personal.


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